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    2003 Mitsubishi Montero for sale $3500.00
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    2003 Montero sputters and dies

    Hello All, My idle is very rough and getting worse. Will barely run, spuuters and dies. Disconnected the wire to the MAF sensor and it runs perfectly. Service guy at the dealer says it is the throttle body assembly. What do you guys think?
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    Almost completely off topic...

    Montero Sport sighing at minute 5:42 My real motivation for posting is I think this guy embodies the can-do spirit many of us have who appreciate the under appreciated Mitsubishi products. Some people would say that we (Mitsu fans) are odd but we see some greatness in these vehicles. I am sure...
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    Good place to shoot off of Irwin Road, Barstow CA ?

    Hello All- I posted this over in the CA NV regional forum but I thought I would put something here also. . Does anyone have a GPX file or latitude/longitude for a good place to shoot in the area off of Irwin Road (Barstow CA), West of Calico Ghost Town? . Or maybe some good turn by turn...
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    Fix for Photobucket

    Anyone who uses Google Chrome as their browser, this extension is worth downloading! Fixes broken Photobucket photos on any site you visit . And for Firefox: Got this from another...
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    1990 Turbo Diesel Pajero for sale 48,000 miles see link:

    For sale by ExPo member:
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    Fuel leak near right rear wheel

    Just did a drive from sea level up to 5500 feet in about 1 hour. Bumpy fire road and all up hill. I had topped off before the trip. From the gas station to the trail was about 15-20 miles so I was only down about one gallon. By the time I was at the peak I had probably gone through about 2 more...
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    Rebuild Gen 3 cv axle. HELP ASAP

    So on the cage one end is slightly chamfered open a little larger than the other. See picture. On the race one end has some notches. See picture. I need to know which ends are up so I can reassemble. The FSM does not refer to the areas in question and is therefor not doing me any good. Thanks...
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    Rock Slider show and tell

    So the funny part is that I don't have rock sliders... But I am looking at something like this: . Would anyone like to show some picks of your sliders and explain...
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    Vehicle that comes with 285 75 16 tires?

    Hello All- I spend most of my time over at the Mitsubishi page but I wanted to reach out to the folks with larger trucks. I am trying to get a set of 285-75-16 tires (almost 33" tires). Costco has the best price out the door with tax and installation. The problem is that if I roll in there in...
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    VR-X 3500 Motor 24v for sale $600.00 $600.00 Ad says you can have the car with it. Not sure if this can be used in a Montero but I know we have a lot of Mitsubishi fans here. Not my ad. Just FYI
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    1996 Montero Seats for Sale in California $800 for all of the seats. Grey fabric. Not my ad, just FYI.
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    Grinding noise, possible Clutch 4WD Select Control Solenoid Valve For Mitsubishi Mont

    So the last two times I drove my Montero I heard a grinding noise coming from the front end. This is driving down a flat city street, not using any 4wd setting, just regular 2wd. It sounds like it is trying to go into 4wd and the gear teeth are hitting. Some youtube research revealed that a...
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    Mitsubishi Center Wheel caps -Anyone know what size are on the Gen 3 wheels?

    I was thinking about painting my wheels black or bronze and I was wondering about how to make the center caps look better and I found these Mitsu center caps. I am not sure what size the center caps are on mine. I can measure but it would be nice to get it right when I order. Does anyone know...
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    Mitsubishi J54 Jeep for sale $10,500 Not mine. Saw this and thought you all might like to know. Very cool!
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    Quality wheel spacers for Gen 3

    So I would like to probably run some wheel spacers on my 2003. It is the cheapest way to keep things hubcentric. Anyone have anything positive or negative I should know? I know that if I get junk from china they may not be strong or safe so I was planning on these...
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    Gearing for Monteros - List

    Taken off the ADD Adventure Driven Design Forum: -Here are the ratio options and your axle options, use this info to figure out your gear vs axle applications Taken from Outerlimits Gen 1 2.3 TD = 4.875, 5.29 2.6 / 2.5 TD = 4.625, 4.875 2.5...
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    Door lock security warning for Gen 3 (not sure about other Gens)

    I recently discovered that sometimes my rear door (large back -barn door, cargo area) does not always lock but the horn beep will sound when hitting the door lock on my remote key fob. When I physically check the doors they are all locked except this one, sometimes, but not all the time. So...
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    Flashing Center Differential Light on Gen 3.5 Ltd.

    So over the Easter break I drove the entire Mojave Road, 150ish miles offroad over 3 days. All went well. Had it in 4HLC and 4LLC a few times. After one of those times I took it all the way back to 2wd. Looked at my display and had a persistent flashing yellow light on the wheels/center diff...
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    Spare Montero Wheel near SoCal?

    Anyone near SoCal have an old wheel they could part with? I have a spare but I would like to have another before I leave for Mojave Road. With a tire would be great. Any old beat up tire and wheel will do. Just a spare. I can drive for pickup. Thank you