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    Modern EV Torque Values vs Petroleum

    I've seen some healthy torque numbers thrown around, the Hummer being the most recent at 11,500 ft-lbs max! How is that measured? At motor or at wheels? For instant, modern Ford 7.3 w/475 ft-lbs, lets assume half of that is available around ~2k RPM, lets call it 240 ft-lbs. Trans 1st; 4.7:1...
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    2021 F150 Towing Capacity Increase on some models

    One of things holding me back on jumping into the F150 was wanting a 2.7 but it (for some reason) always had a lousy towing capacity relative to the others. I have a 5000 lb trailer but always wanted to option of upgrading to a larger heavier unit. In previous years max towing was 8100, looks...
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    Electric Truck with std. drivetrain?

    Always thought this would be an interesting "Hybrid" solution. Std axles, std. manual or auto trans throw out the ICE and slap a EV motor up to the input shaft of the trans, which may end up being motor + planetary reduction unit to get it to work with the ICE drivetrain. Adds complexity for...
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    5th Gen Ranger Discussions / Reviews / News

    Figured I'd try an consolidate some of the discussion.... I have about 13k on my 2019 so far, still really enjoying the truck. I have some 32" BFG's AT's on it and just threw on some 235/85's for the winter. Just took a trip from Portland, OR to Bend, OR, net elevation gain there (500' to...
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    New 2018 Audi SQ5; under the radar

    So - the older Allroad got a lot of love around here, Quattro, "sporty" and of course had air-ride adjustable suspension....all of which the new 2018 SQ5 has/can be equipped with, plus more room inside. Granted it's a $57-65k rig but think it's a pretty slick option for light expo-work, road...
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    Reparability vs Reliability Opinions

    This is a question I have been wondering about for quite some time. All things being equal, which do you pick? Obviously both is the answer, but generally speaking as one goes up the other goes down. I supposed Diesels are an exception to the rule, the older ones, but not the newer crop of...
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    CL Find: Toyota custom cab turbo

    Way a cool rig, less than 100,000 miles to boot! No affiliation..
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    Very cool 'expo' Hilux

    I was watching a show on the public broadcasting network a month or so back and they had a very interesting show about some desert lions. As interesting as the lions were, I was super interested in the old Hilux the fella was driving around. It was an absolutely beat early 80's long bed...
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    Awesome Syncro

    Really cool rig... They should have dropped in a diesel, but I hear thos H6 engines are pretty reliable. As for the price....little steep if you ask me, especially considering the mileage.
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    2008 rims on 01?

    Just curious if some 16" steel wheels from a 2008 taco will fit my 01'? It looks like the 08' wheels are 4.5" backspacing, so they should work I would think. Any ideas? Thanks-
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    Availability of 200/300 TDI engine parts in NA

    I see that the TDI engines are a popular swap for US guys for obvious reasons. But something I have been wondering for a while, what is it like to get parts for those engines? Can you get parts from a local LR dealer or are they all special order? Along those same lines, does anybody have any...
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    Updated pics of 78' 40 with 33"x 9.5"

    Finally got some pics of the rig with the new rubber. Positives: ALOT easier to turn and handles much better. It really made a night and day difference! Much easier to maneuver at speeds below 5 mph and the all around resistance at the wheel has decreased fairly substantially. The engine...
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    Optimum crawl ratio?

    I searched but came up empty handed.... Over on boards such as IH8mud/Pirate4x4 there is typically a lower is better attitude towards overall crawl ratio's. Does anybody have an opinion on ratios for an expedition rig? I remember reading an article a couple years ago about a exp. Land Rover...
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    Intro and my 78' FJ40

    Just thought I would formally introduce myself! I have been a lurker for a while, with a few posts thrown in for good measure. Located in Portland Oregon, but spend alot of time over in the Sisters/Bend area. I figured I needed a rig I could explore the high desert with, something I would...
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    Very Cool 4-door LC

    Check out this sucker! I have a tear rolling down my cheek- Some info on it:
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    Interesting MPG comparison

    So I have been kicking around the idea to throw in some lower gears. I have been debating 5.29's if/when I went with the 255/85's but had no idea how it may impact my mileage so I thought I would do a quick comparison. I had to make the trip up to Olympia from Portland a couple time this...
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    Similiar size to a 7.0R16? Expedition value?

    The best cross comparison I have been able to make is a 235/85/R16 which is 32" x approx 9.5". Anybody know if you can actually get a decent tire in the 7.0R16 size in the US? The reason I ask is that I want to get used to wheeling on these treads in my Tacoma and want to standardize my...