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  1. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Am I crazy? Linear actuators & mounting internally

    Optical Feedback Linear Actuators 200lb & 12" I was thinking of using the base mounting bracket and if needed an additional collar mounting bracket up higher to keep the actuator in a static position.
  2. 2Jeeps&PatriotX1

    Am I crazy? Linear actuators & mounting internally

    Maybe I'm crazy and thinking this is possible. If I am, feel free to let me know or if you have other suggestions. But I'm wanting to mount 4 (2 pairs) linear actuators to lift the roof rack platform that I would be installing (w/ different rtt & awning) 12-18" but keep all the actuators...
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    Any love for Patriot Campers here?

    Congrats on the purchase! Have owned a loaded X1 since new for 2+ yrs. have been in bad weather more than I can count, wind gusts of 40+mph and never had one drop of rain inside the camper tent or storage areas. We also have 2 large dogs that camp with us, only water inside the tent is from...
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    “Real” off-road trailers…

    Id put my patriot x1 up against any other trailers for its offroad capability. Its seen more difficult trails here in CO, UT & AZ than many jeeps have. My motto since owning it has been “it can go anywhere our jeep or truck can tow it”.
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    WFNH: Working from Not Home... Wyoming, then... ??

    My wife is obsessed with bears. Last year we too were up in Jackson dispersed camping across from GT National Park. I stocked up on bear spray, bear canisters, tree pulley system w/ bear bags and even a bear fence setup around our rtt camper trailer for the wife & 2 dogs safety. Didn’t see one...
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    WFNH: Working from Not Home... Wyoming, then... ??

    Car wont do much help if they really want in but yes, I too am curious how they captured this shot so close. Remote camera or trail cam?
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    Joolca Ensuite Double. Updated, tour, and Zodi hot shower mod video added,

    Ran the ozark ensuite last 2 yrs after finding out the joolca was delayed in arriving here in the US. Zero issues with the Ozark. Once the joolca arrived, I cleaned up the ozark and put in on the garage shelf. Ozark was good but the joolca fit and finish is just a tad nicer and having the water...
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    OzTent purchase through Target or Walmart?

    Ordered the 2-room oztent from Walmart last year when I couldn’t get my hands on a Joolca ensuite . Nice product and no issues, but when Joolca finally hit the US, I started using my Joolca. Still have the oztent sitting in the garage.
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    Patriot Campers

    Setup and tear down can be reduced depending on how full blown you want the setup to be for the 4days or so. Heck, last week, I left 5am with the dog, drove 3hrs to a mountainside spot with a view here in CO (shown below) that I knew had solid cell service, set up the awning, tent & annex (left...
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    Agree. I have OME springs on my jeep (they had 3 spring rate options for front & 3 for the rear) and was able to tell them what Id be adding aftermarket weight wise to the front and rear and they provided me specific model numbers and thats what I ordered. 6yrs later, no sag and rides great...
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    Ursa Minor Camper Shell for JT Gladiator

    I hadn’t heard of Ursa Minor until the Bronco guys stated that Ford would be offering them through their dealerships with the new Broncos. I wont be getting a rtt for the bronco, but was considering one if I picked up a gladiator.
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    Overlanding doesn’t require King shocks and 37s. From what you described about your type of offroading, you would have been much better off, including your wallet, staying stock but it sounds like you only did it because everyone else was. Are you on the JL forums? Like you said, aftermarket...
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    It's Bronc o clock

    Another reason why Jeep owners should be glad that Jeep now has more competition and Ford came out swinging. Hopefully will make FCA get theirs heads out of their a**. Things like this, mirrors that a actually stay put when you remove the doors, and the list goes on. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    It's Bronc o clock

    Correct, yes I forgot to mention that my camper wasn’t a tall camper and also had a low center of gravity. From ground to top of the canvas cover when hooked to my tow vehicle, its only 6.5’ tall. Towing it behind the grand cherokee is still hard to tell its back there until you climb elevation...
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    It's Bronc o clock

    I tow quite frequently out here in CO (5400-12000’ elevations) with my 3.5EB/10speed and my 3500lb camper. Never seen my trans temp higher than 214 degrees or engine temp higher than 221 towing at the speed limit and mid 90s out. My f150 is a ‘17 supercrew w/ 6” lift and 35” MT tires for...
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    I put my Verizon jetpack within a 1-2 feet of the inside antenna and thats works for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sleeping bag or duvet?

    Sheets and a 2-person Rumpl.
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    Full size truck considerations

    Include me as well, didnt see that part. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Full size truck considerations

    I live in CO and have a ‘17 f150 supercrew lariat w/ the 3.5, max tow, 7k GVWR and 10speed. I love it, so much so, we’re always taking it on trips vs my wife’s suv. Even with a 6” lift and 35” MT tires, I get over 600 miles per tank and average 18mpg going 70-75mph. It flat out hauls a**. Towing...
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    It's Bronc o clock

    Never said I was an automotive engineer. I already have f150 & grand cherokee tow vehicles but was hoping and still plan on it, trading the wife’s GC in for the Bronco. My camper is less than the max tow rating so I’ll be ok but it would have been nice to have a buffer. The fact that it’ll come...