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    Best Platform

    You aren't the first person who's done that... built a custom bed that will accept a normal camper and allow for big side boxes. Cool idea anyway. (y)
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    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    I think they made great progress considering that they started with a rendering...
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    2013 Tundra and 2013 FWC Hawk $45k

    Took mine out... very easy to do, and it didn't cause any back spasms. Just remove the obvious bolts. There are two pieces, and I'd guess the whole thing is under 100 lbs.
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    Regarding the weight, panels like this are typically in the ~1.5 lb/sq ft range.
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    I agree... just think the first time you knocked into a tree branch that sharp FRP corner would break. In Oz they only have eucalyptus trees with don't tend to get in the way much. But, I think you don't need a really hefty edge piece. 1/8" should be plenty and could use extruded fiberglass...
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    Tire recommendation needed for ride quality and mild offroading

    Looks like stock size is 31"? I upgraded you to 32s... ;) Here is a listing of 265/70r17 tires that are available... many in both standard and E load. When comparing similar tires, the speed rating is a decent proxy for MPG. For your priorities a street tread and standard load probably will...
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    Tire recommendation needed for ride quality and mild offroading

    I have those and like them a lot... great MPG also. In addition to the Michelins I think the Nitto Duragrappler is worth a look:
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    I few thoughts: If the people surrounding you let you get into the driver's seat (through the pass-thru) and leave, then they were not a threat in the first place. They could just slash your tires to prevent that. Aluminum doesn't go through the insulated panel so it will be the same...
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    DIY Composite Flatbed Camper Build

    Make a pop-up shell like the Project M; 500 lbs for the shell would be very doable. Or it could be a taller hard-side shell. A slide in that light would be pretty fragile.
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    FWC HAWK Flatbed on Tundra CrewMax, can it work?

    Another member pointed out in another thread recently, that they weigh a lot more than they say they weigh. You'd think there'd be laws against this, but apparently not. I don't pay much attention to retail campers, but I know the XP V2 was a hell of a lot heavier than claimed as well. Tundras...
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    Tundra TRD 17x8 Wheels + BFG K02s 315/70R17 $1000 ON HOLD

    These are excellent wheels! What are you switching to?
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    Non LT Tyres(Tires)

    ATs are generally more durable and have better traction, but... lighter duty tires worked fine for me. I put a lot (probably near 100k) of dirt and rocky trial miles on a Toyota PU for 13 years and always had cheap standard duty tires. Very few flats and was never stranded.
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    21 Ram Flatbed 4-Wheel Camper

    I didn't know that.... but I've never bought a camper, so...
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    Rail on rail spring sizing

    I haven't gone down this road, and I'm not planning on it, but... it's not going to be simple! The spring system is designed to reduce twisting stress in the subframe+habitat (assuming these are hard mounted) and the main frame as well. So you want it to not be too high/stiff... but enough so...
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    custom camper examples

    Does it have a lift mechanism? You'd probably want to add insulation... and could build a lighter one, but I've been appreciating the value of off the shelf stuff... ;) Have you thought about how you are going to build the rest?
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Thanks... I have read of tickets based on the GVWR in BC.
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Really, the cop takes you to a scale and tickets you based on that? Never heard of someone getting a ticket for a weight sticker. I've heard of people getting tickets for obviously being overloaded, but that's a visual assessment of safety. If the sticker is law then why is it never enforced...
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    Four Wheel Camper - A Review

    I think all the < 1 ton trucks have a stiff boxed frame these days... except for Tundra and Tacoma. The new Tundra will be boxed as well. I'm surprised yours flexes that much. On my Tundra the difference between the cab and front of the bed is small, but there is a lot along the length of the...
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Did the cop look at his door sticker and put him on a scale, or was it because he was on the bumpstops? If it was the later, then isn't that exactly my point... the door sticker being irrelevant?
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    What is the base vehicle for a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed?

    Just go into edit and delete one. (y)