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    Why buy a land cruiser?

    I'm late to the game here, had to look that up.....that is flippin' epic!!
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    Assuming this is aimed at me? For the FJ40 pretty much all major components were NLA, stupid stuff like the parking brake drums on the output shaft of the t-case....there were aftermarket kits but I was not impressed with the quality. I had a sim problem with my 1996 F150, wiper solenoid went...
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    2004 Tacoma vs. 1997 Land Cruiser: Long Term Ownership

    There is a happy medium in there....a daily that you can easily do some expo work with, not everybody needs a HD expo rig. Running at payload in any rig offroad is going to compromise it...LC included. A LC could probably do it longer than most.....but if expo means light camping, MTB's, no...
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    2004 Tacoma vs. 1997 Land Cruiser: Long Term Ownership cool as the rigs are, I think parts availability is going to be MUCH better with the Tacoma's along with less expensive repairs for what is functionally a sim rig....moving forward that means less headaches.
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    Now you have a $40-50k rig with 250k miles vs a brand new vehicle.....per the original OP, is that worth it? Hard to imagine for most. One could also argue that since you are going to be using non-OEM or rebuilt parts to do any major work (depending on what needs done), reliability moving...
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Interesting....JLR sent Ineos a letter prior to it even being designed saying they have trademark and copyright protection on the Defender design and would defend it. Here is the Trademark for the 2-door...
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    You took my comment out of context, the point I was making was here in the US they generally lead suburbanite lives (at least initially) where they rack up big miles whereas comparable HD pickups trucks of the same era generally don't lead easy lives with towing and HD work in the field....I was...
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    Modern EV Torque Values vs Petroleum

    I'm not an expert on EV's, but I know the Teslas have cooling systems and differentials and based on what I've seen, the motors / drivetrain is more complex that I would have thought. Not saying that it approaches the complexity of a ICE, but there is still a lot going on and a lot to go wrong...
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    Pitchblack Motorsports - 2010 Sequoia rally support and light adventure rig

    Stupid question - how do these differ, drivetrain wise, from the Land Cruisers?
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    Semi urgent truck selection help needed

    Looking good! Those running boards are pretty much required on these new rigs....
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    You need to look at the context I was referencing...context matters....
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    Convict lake cold weather lessons

    Looks like a portable sauna....I like it
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    Containerized: Retromod Global Tacoma

    I don't really feel like this trucked aged that the Hilux and 80 series incorporated features, but the F&R bumpers and the offset white wheels....I dunno, doesn't work for me, although I did like it several years back.
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    Semi urgent truck selection help needed

    Nice truck - I just got a 21' 2500 w/6.4 gas.....Tradesman, found what I could get but had to settle for Chrome package, electric Tcase and carpet. I really like the truck.....
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    Semi urgent truck selection help needed

    I haven't laughed that hard at a post in a long time.....frickin' love it...
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    I don't think it's magic - the mechanical strength to power ratio is probably better than any other vehicle out there, HD rear full floating axle with 200 hp is overkill.....that is to say its durability, not necessarily it's reliability. But we need to remember, at the time there were...
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    EGR/DPF-to delete or not to delete

    I'd agree - that was my understanding too.
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    That kinda makes me question the data set and how far back it goes, are they including LC's from the 80's like the 60 series? I don't think I've personally seen a LC200 with over 200,000 miles on it, if they are out there, it's not many. We know the Tundra has a very sim drivetrain to the...
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    100% It would take a LOT of convincing from somebody to show me how a 90's Ford 3/4t with manual trans + 7.3 diesel or 4.9 six with Dana 60's axles or a Dodge equiv with a 5.9 cummins would in any way be inferior. I think the reality is those pickup examples were used by logging companies and...
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    Is the FZJ80 worth it in today’s market?

    I think you are right when 'enthusiasts' get their hands on them....but honestly think that the majority of them are not owned by enthusiasts, particularly when the 80's first came out since there were seen as kinda soft rigs and not "real" Cruisers, PM stacks up....since they handle abuse SO...