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  1. NCLRbear

    What makes a good camp stove?

    I’ve been reading some threads on here about what the best stove is. I’ve seen a lot of people mention Partner or Camp Chef Everest and even jetboil. But what makes a good stove? Is it all about btu’s? In that case the Camp Chef should take the cake at 20,000 btu (Hr)per burner. Even my cheap...
  2. NCLRbear

    Central Tire Inflation

    I just heard on the Centre Steer podcast that Land Rover patented a central tire inflation system. I wonder if we will see this on the new Defender or the Off-Road version of the new Discovery. Does anyone have anymore information on this?
  3. NCLRbear

    Gap tool question

    Hey everyone I'm getting a set of 275/65/18 KO2's and I run a Gap tool. My question is what do people leave their everyday ride height set at with the gap tool? I'm also putting on some new front lower control arms and will need to get it aligned. I want to get it aligned at my everyday height...
  4. NCLRbear

    LR3 Steering wheel button issues

    Hello everyone- This question goes out to all the LR3/4 owners out there. I've been having some issues with the buttons on my steering wheel, mainly the ones that control the stereo. Sometimes when I hit one of the buttons it does something completely different than what its supposed to do, such...
  5. NCLRbear

    ARB Fridge not working

    So my fridge just went down. it turns on and everything looks fine. you can even hear the the fan turn on. No error lights come on either but the fridge doesn't get cold at all. Im thinking the compressor went out or it leaked R134a. I bought it 4 years ago so its out of warranty. ARB said to...
  6. NCLRbear

    Need Canon T2i Tips and Tricks?

    Hey everyone!- I bought a Canon T2i from Costco about 5 years ago. It came with a EFS 18-55 lens and a EFS 55-250 zoom lens. I am just now getting into the photography element of off roading and overlanding and was looking for some basic tips and tricks for this camera( or just photography in...
  7. NCLRbear

    Post your Quad-Copter(drone) footage

    I've been toying with the idea of getting quad-copter for capturing my overlanding trips big and small (abiding by all the FAA laws and requirements of course and not invading anyone's privacy). After watching expedition overland, mountain state overland and project overland on YouTube it really...
  8. NCLRbear

    ? About LR 3 suspension upgrade

    I remember seeing a post about a little upgrade for LR3/4 where you could shut off the air line to each wheel and pump up the air bags with another pump in the case your compressor went out and the vehicle goes down to the bump stops. I had a couple questions 1. Does anyone know what I'm talking...
  9. NCLRbear

    Help needed building a spare parts/tools kit for a LR3

    I am slowly building my kit up. Two years ago when my wife and I went to shaver lake it was the first trip I had been on and had nothing more than a new set of slightly more aggresive than stock tires on my LR3, and a roof rack with nothing on it. I was borrowing everything even tire pressure...
  10. NCLRbear

    LR3/4 snorkel question

    So I just put a light bar on my my rack and ran the wires down the passenger side A piller between the plastic trim and the body. But now the trim piece doesnt want to fit properly and it makes a ton of noise on the freeway. I was thinking about instead of drilling into the body and running the...
  11. NCLRbear

    spotted: land cruiser on a global expedition

    Hi Land Cruiser fans. I apologize for my vauge discription as I am a Land Rover guy but I saw a newer Land Cruiser in Walnut Creek California on tuesday that had a european licence plate, rooftop tent, snorkel, gas cans ect. with stickers saying it was on a global expedition 2013. I just wanted...
  12. NCLRbear

    spotted: D2 G4 Challenge in Concord CA

    I've been seeing a D2 G4 Challege drivng east after work on Treat Blvd in Concord Ca. It still has a Cole European paper plate. Just wondering if its anyone on here. I honked at you yesterday and waved.
  13. NCLRbear


    I have had nothing but great things to say about my '06 LR3. Yeah it’s had its issues starting with the alternator and battery going out at Hollister after about 8 trips through the mud bath. More recently it was listing to the side after I parked it. So Cole European replaced some ride height...