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  1. Andrew_S

    DC/DC & Battery monitor shunt placement

    I'm working on a small 12v system for my homebuilt camper. It's a basic setup, start battery -> dc/dc ->house battery -> bmv -> accessories (heater, actuators, lights) Bear with me as this is my first dabble in the 12v realm. My question is where should the shunt be placed in the system...
  2. Andrew_S

    A Little Out of the Box - Hard sided Pop-up 4 season Topper

    I'm going to keep this relatively short, full build can be found here - The wife and I camped in our canopy for two years and always wanted a bit more space but also wanted to maintain the minimal size. So began the plan/dream of...
  3. Andrew_S

    1986 GMC S-15

    I suppose first an introduction is appropriate. My name is Andrew, Ontario boy, currently living in Kelowna BC. I recently came to a different direction in life and decided to downsize from our previous set-up. The previous truck was a 2013 sierra, which I bought stock and did some minor...