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  1. suntinez

    2001 Provan Tiger XL in PHX area

    On RV Trader, newer astro body style, older graphics, AWD, 47K miles, $25K.
  2. suntinez

    FS: 1991 AWD Tiger Provan XL

    ***SOLD*** I have put considerable effort into getting this AWD XL into shape. ~95K miles, registered in CA, first $13K gets it. Located in Forest Falls, CA approx. 80 miles east of Los Angeles. Coach features – Onan generator, very cold AC, microwave, fantastic fan, rear speakers...
  3. suntinez

    FS - 2007 Flippac for an 8ft longbed - $3000

    Price drop to $2800 Black in color, should fit any 8ft longbox. No rips, tears, or leaks – it has served me well. Recently replaced the stabilizer bars and hinges, FRP has done the maintenance on the torsion bar for me since 2007 when I bought it new. I also had them add an...
  4. suntinez

    Wandering in CA

    I really like Haggis' idea of sharing the wonders in your backyard for others to enjoy as they pass through. I get out quite a bit but I'm not great at sharing my trips. Seems like trip reports are somewhat organized, this definitely doesn't characterize my trips! I usually set off with a...
  5. suntinez

    Nothing to do with navigating … interactive wind map shows flow patterns.

    A very cool map, and beautiful to boot. Interactive map here From the article here “The most impressive bit is that, despite all of the animation, it's interactive. Roll over flows for wind speed and direction as well as zoom (with a double click) and pan to your area of interest”
  6. suntinez

    2005 Provan Tiger GT Motorhome $22,000

    *** SOLD *** I wrote this ad for listing on RV sites – many of you know what these Tigers are about, so pardon stating the obvious. I love Toni-the-Tiger and I use it, many of you have met us - so why am I selling it? I picked up another Tiger recently and when mhiscox starts...
  7. suntinez

    Flippac Owners Group

    While wandering the internet the other day, I bumped into a new forum - the Flippac Owners Group. Looks like they're just getting started but with more participation, it could take off. Just passing it along :elkgrin:
  8. suntinez

    comfy sleeping in a pop-top

    There’s only so much you can do with a piece of foam, they’re just not terribly comfortable. Of course it’s better than a rock, but after several nights sleeping on foam you start to wonder. You can get thicker foam, they come in all degrees of firmness and you can even get it layered with...
  9. suntinez

    water power for USB devices

    I got a little carried away at the GoalZero booth at Expo, especially the portable devices and chargers. On the hunt for more small portable power sources, I found this water powered fuel cell for USB devices from myFC in Stockholm. It’s being marketed as the PowerTrekk , a 2-in1 battery pack...
  10. suntinez

    Desert Rendezvous, 2011 version

    This gathering was the brainchild of Tacodoc, after his trip to the area with XJ_Mike, XJ_Lisa and XJ_Dad last Thanksgiving. Some of us chatted about it at the Toys for Tots event, and Doc put the online word out – did we want to go? Yes, it seems we did! Overall it was a huge success...
  11. suntinez

    coastal CA loop, Nov 2010

    Here’s a few pictures from a recent loop in CA. I’m first aiming for Kirk Creek CG in the south end of Big Sur area, but a late start so decide to do the quick route. Up 5 to Lost Hills, then west across 46 to Paso Robles, through Fort Hunter-Liggett to Fergusson-Nacimiento Rd. Locals from...
  12. suntinez

    Tripping without a plan, summer 2010

    Getting started Folks keep telling me to write a trip report for this one. Write a trip report?? I’m still not really sure how it happened. 12,000 miles and 24 states later and I’m just now sorting it out, kinda. If I HAD had a plan, I don’t think it could have been a better trip. Plans...
  13. suntinez

    Flipping campers at OvExpo

    I brought the Tiger to OvExpo, but have long love for the flippac camper. I saw so many, thought it might be fun to take pics of them all to share. But by the time I stopped going in circles looking at everything and grabbed the camera, 4 or 5 had slipped away. Here’s the ones I caught. Reg...
  14. suntinez

    Dave Rowe’s 2002 Tiger CX, GMC 2500 HD 4x4 up for sale

    Dave Rowe, original owner of Provan, sold the company within the last year after a bad ultralight plane accident involving him and his daughter. His personal vehicle is up for sale. I saw this on the yahoo Tiger’s user group and just spoke with him to confirm. Location is in Fort Collins, CO...
  15. suntinez

    soaking in Saline Valley

    After re-connecting at the Pasadena M&G the previous weekend, a few of us decided to head to Saline Valley for some serious soaking. On the way in, we ran into some guys who were on their second flat. Since cowboy roscoe and his eagle-eye had spotted their sunglasses laying at the site of...
  16. suntinez

    Flippac owner's manual

    I finally got around to scanning the owner's manual that Diane gave me last time I was at FRP. Here it is (as attchments in case you want to print it). They are in Riverside now, the address shows their old location in Corona.