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  1. BigAl

    Towing with a 2 Door JL

    I'm considering down sizing from my 5.7 Tundra. The 2 door JL is very appealing to me. 5 - 10 times per years, I tow a 6x12 utility trailer, ~15 miles on 2 lane county roads, hauling a UTV with plow. This is always in bad weather. This set up weighs ~2200lbs. Once per year, I tow the same 15...
  2. BigAl

    Identify this rack rail?

    I just bought this cap on FB Marketplace. It has these rails which my be Thule? I don't have any other parts. I'd like to do a canoe rack. Does anyone know what this style of rack/rail is called and/or the best place to find uprights and crossbars that would work with it??
  3. BigAl

    Wire for remote winch controller

    I am helping a buddy. He has an old Warn 8000lb winch. The controller is a separate box connected to winch by (3) ~12" 2 AWG wires. We want to relocate the controller under the hood. We'd need 3 cables ~60" long to put it where we want it. Lowes sells this 2 AWG wire, but it is rather stiff. I...
  4. BigAl

    Lift gate for utv?

    I am looking at at a used cab over box truck with a 16' box. It has a Maxon 1650lb lift gate. I have never owned/ used a lift gate before. The gate is only 30" deep. Could I weld outriggers off the platform to support the front end of my rzr. The rzr weighs ~1000lbs. If I back it on the platform...
  5. BigAl

    Tundra lift question

    I am looking at a 3" leveling kit that includes a 1' spacer in the rear for my 13 Tundra. I am also looking at 285/75R18 tires. They measure 35", so I am okay height wise, but if I keep my factory wheels will I have clearance issues?
  6. BigAl

    2nd Tundra USB port?

    This is for my 2013 tundra. I have been looking at options to have constant un-keyed power. I have 3 blanks in the dash than will take this port. This is not a switch, you open the cover to access the port. This is the direct factory replacement, I just want to add a second one and wire it...
  7. BigAl

    Higher mathmatics - back spacing help?

    On my cargo trailer, my current tires are 205/75R15 on wheels with 3.5" of backspacing. There is 5.5inches from the wheel mounting surface to the side of the trailer. I have a set of 235/85R16 tires. I want to mount them on 16X7 wheels but can only find wheels with 4" back spacing which is...
  8. BigAl

    Taj Mah-Al (6x10 Cargo Trailer Build)

    Haven't posted here for a while but I thought I'd come back with my latest project... I have been looking for a small camper to convert into an off-road adventure trailer. I want something that requires little or no set up when I get to camp. Pop-ups are out. Roof top tents look super cool...
  9. BigAl

    Tundra brake controller mount?

    Has anyone mounted a brake controller in the dash? If so, in what spot, and what brand controller. Any pics? I don't want to mount it under the dash in any way. And don't wanto use velco unless there is no other way. Why doesn't the factory put these in????:(
  10. BigAl

    Tundra seats?

    I have a 2013 Tundra double cab with just bucket seats in the front, no fold down. I want these carhartt seat covers but they only list for 2012. I called the manufacturer but they did not know. Are 2012 and 2013 seats the same. Do you know of any other company that makes heavy duty canvas...
  11. BigAl

    I Need 12 Inches!

    I bought a new project. I want to covert this cargo trailer into an off road camper. It pulls very nicely with my truck but I can't even hook up to the jeep at this point to try and pull it. Currently the trailer is spring under on 205/75/15 tires. I am thinking spring over will give me 3"...
  12. BigAl

    roll bar mounted toggle/rocker switch?

    I am looking for a rollbar mounted single switch. When I google it, I get 10K hits for the painless 8 switch panel:snorkel: Does anyone have a source for this? i am picturing someing that mounts with a hose clamp or zip ties around an unpadded rollbar.
  13. BigAl

    IPOD with no head unit?

    I don't have a radio in my jeep. I mounted my CB in place of the radio in the dash. I don't want to add a head unit but I am wondering if this would work?: If I added an amp to a speaker box, could I plug my ipod via mini/rca cable to the amp? Would it play thru the speakers without a head...
  14. BigAl

    1995 Chevy Astro AWD

    I need to get a better pic, running boards have been removed and 2" lift installed I bought this rig 2 years ago, but have not been using as much as it should be. 170K 2" lift Runs great, new tires, brakes, radiator, hoses, battery, some rust spots The rear seats are removed, but I can put...
  15. BigAl

    Concealed Carry Holsters?

    I just got a Crossbreed Super Tuck for my glock. Has anyone used one of these? What else do you like? The retention is really good, maybe too good. I need to practice pulling straight up?
  16. BigAl

    water shorts?

    I am looking for some water shorts that are quick drying, heavy duty, abrasion resistant, but without a built in belt. I saw the TAD shorts in another thread but they appear discountinued. What have you seen?
  17. BigAl

    Poison Spyder Defenders

    Probably old news but these are flipping cool. I talked to them today and they are testing a set for YJs. Hopefully available by mid February. They look super sturdy, and I think more militaryish (is that a word?) Has anyone seen these in person? Link
  18. BigAl

    TJ vs. YJ tailgate

    Does anyone know if a TJ and YJ tailgate are similar enough for this product to work. Smittybuilt only lists it for a TJ
  19. BigAl

    No Roads Necessary 2011

    I went on a ride this weekend sponsored by the Eagle Valley Off Roaders. It was called “No Roads Necessary 2011”. The ride was to benefit the Wildlife for All Foundation. It was held on private property at the Historic Penn’s Cave Site in Central PA. I would highly recommend this trip next...
  20. BigAl

    Who makes turn key 4x4 vans?

    Quigley and U Joint obviously, but are there any other big players out there? Google was no help.