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    ball joint (and tie rod ) taper

    does anyone know from recollection the taper of the mitsu ball joint? 4 degrees? same with tie rod. the idea fermenting in my noggin is to go with some serious surgery on montee and use a non mitsu UCA. possible rack and pinion, if i get ambitious. any one have these answers? i suppose it...
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    94 sr rear axle companion flange needed

    some years ago i connected with a Arizona montee, who had an adapter to mate the gen 1 drive shaft to the 94 SR axle. Does anyone still have the necessary parts to do this? i left out on fire detail, and fergot all about it -until now. can anyone help out here? thank you
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    blister fender mitsu in junk. portland oregon

    6241 SE 111th Avenue• Portland, OR 97266 503-760-5820Store Layout Map Part Pricing ROW 41 DATE ADDED October 1, 2019 TRIM 4WD ENGINE 3.5L V6 SOHC 24V TRANS 4-Speed Automatic COLOR GOLD VIN JA4MR51R5XJ001614 BARCODE B6166707 Vehicle condition, position and presence in the yard and part...
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    Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

    As mentioned. looking for horn relay. on gen1 . horn blaring, stuck on, when connected. Have any others of you had this experience? funny story, In the Santa Rosas in Northern Nevada, I was slipping past the ranch house on a BLM road or a county road that connects to the blm land, it was...
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    rubicon jeep 241OR transfer case

    as stated. it's a 2003 model, automatic version for the w580 NAG 1 series transmission. fresh rebuild, fewer than 47k on internals b4 owner exploded the case. it has new front case, some new bearings and seals, new pads, core exchange. will not fit the manual transmission jeeps. located in...
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    who wants to be the first to try ORI struts?

    is a brilliant concept and looks like a ton o fun. I'd have towers clear up to the hood, and sticking through the cargo deck floor, if I did this, as I would want the 14" strut
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    jeep rubicon 241OR, transfer case see if there is a need for this case out there. it is an automatic 2003 model. freshly rebuilt with 47k miles on internals. it has a new front case, and new internals where needed. case is tight and fresh case is in Oregon. price is market which is not cheap, and I will need ur broken case...
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    uber rare and frighteningly cool mitsus

    today I answered an ad in c.l. ( whom I'm going to boycott as they are charging for ads now), for a montero drive train. so of course I jumps up and fetches it away from the fellow who offered it for free. in his yard was the most fabulbous collection of mitsu s ever in one place, including a...
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    241OR Ruby Tcase conversion, input needed

    input as in advice, as well as the actual input. some years ago, I came across a broken t case from an automatic rubicon. typical, in that the front case was shattered at the output bearing. so, this summer I got a new case half from Mopar. now, I have not a transmission on the ground to fit...
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    repower the gen 1

    this topic is worked to death, so I'm gonna whip this dead horse again, cause the numbers mitsu gives us has my head spinning.... can I use the newer 2.4 turbo engine with my gen 1 automatic? it seems the 2.4 is the engine to have if 4 cylinder is my choice. I envision, a gen 1 turbo 4 with...
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    cabin cooler, modern insulation for aging monteros

    In the years I've been behind the wheel of my gen 1 monterro, I've had numerous adventures -pleasant and not so pleasant. one companion with me on all of these , was road noise, and lack of temperature control. I am driving a greenhouse on wheels, which of course, means hot in summer, a cold...
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    gen 1 upgrades planned for january

    my poor , longsuffering montee, is going under the knife again this winter. this time for some unique life changing alterations. this is not a tummy tuck but more along the lines of a gastric bypass. I will drop a gen 2 radiator , custom built, where there is now a gen 1. this done by flipping...
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    argument in favor of gen 1 over other options

    today, by a chance our swamper happened to stage a john deer 825, series utv, next to my gen 1 if the pic loads, u will see the montee , except for the rear bumper is the same length, is but 6 inches wider, has the same wheel base as the Deere. so, as I've always known my montee is simply the...
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    needed! Gen. 3 steering dimensions

    please help if u are able. I assume the gen 3 has rack and pinion steering. would a kind soul be kind enough to get me the following dimension? the overall distance from tie rod end to tie rod end, outer to outer, with wheels in the strait forward position, the purpose , if it's important, is...
  15. R final decision

    I have in my possession the skill, tools, and time to repower montee. she is a gen 1 with the almighty , but lac-luster 6g73. a fine enine but too modest to really bark. and the godawful and dead nuts reliable asain transmission is a dream except what little power the feeble 6 puts out is...
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    my gen 1 odyssey.

    my lovely gen 1 sat neglected through the winter with plywood on the roof rack to shield from the rain.I spent the winter in the dubious weather of the anza borrego in a , get this, 2wd diesel foRd from 1985. I came back to oregon determined to sell or eliminate every darn piece of iRon...
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    power steering box. gen 2

    guys, did u ever evperience a box that will block the power steering fluid from passing through? this gen 1 has a 94 box on it. power steering has been weak always. I just rebuilt the pump, as the kit is more redaily available thsn the pump. no change. the only thing I can imagine is a...
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    4d56 injection pump shut off

    diesel guys. my pajero, which I bought non op. has a fuel pump issue. Won't stay running. tell me please about the fuel shut off mechsnism. there is no visible solonoid under the intercooler. I just think is poor presdure. it ryes on starter crank but will not continue on its own for very long...
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    craigslist portland find gen 1
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    98 blister fender in Portland $300.00 hi All i have been away a while up in the north woods, pushing motor grader for the feds. The Forum problem child has returned. i just blew back into town and on craigslist i found this nice looking blister...