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    Tacoma aluminum Pop-up

    No pics working for me yet
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    WOW, my first Land Rover

    I gotta say you got me beat to heck in the hair-do department..............
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    WOW, my first Land Rover

    My first LR, back growing up in Africa, 40 years ago.
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    22 Pages of LR campers

    If only,
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    Crazy build and skill set....

    This guy has some crazy skills. Your computer should translate it all for you,but if not, he's got a billion pics to look at any way.
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    Those crazy Europeans at it again.

    No comment, just puttin it up there...............
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    Flip Pac for SALE!!

    PM sent
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    Any opinions on "NestEgg" teardrop trailers?

    Check out what one looks like when its T boned at 40 -50 MPH.......don't think your normal wood build would look as good. Scroll down to Oct. 26,2013.
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    Taking a Sportsmobile on a Round-the-World Trip

    Anything is doable.......a couple (she's 27, he's 32) are coming to spend a few weeks with us next week. Have never meet them, but they are from Argentina, the took a limo...yes limo, converted the inside, and have just driven it from Argentina to Alaska,and will stay here for a while,then go...
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    How do you get your dog in and out of your RTT?

    Here's one way.....
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    Flippac's, why open forwards instead of sideways?

    Here just buy this 'ol one for $650..................
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    Thanks for that, you have a contact for him

    Thanks for that, you have a contact for him
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    You still out there workin "the patch"? Life is good here in Calgary. Warren

    You still out there workin "the patch"? Life is good here in Calgary. Warren
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    Thanks to Chip Haven

    I was on that site before I came here/moved over. The old site got hacked.
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    Best Land Cruiser Video

    Video say it all for you LC guys
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    gxv vs earthroamer

    So you take your non native vehicle somewhere in the world and you break down, you end up doing like they do in several different African countries, where people import the latest greatest vehicle from Europe and have no way to fix it/maintain and keep it running. The locals and you do the...
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    Sweet suffering moses... Disco conversion gone wrong

    now that is funny!!
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    In search of the "perfect" camper frame

    Well after a 1.5 years of talk about building, I'm waiting to see where this is going or when it's starting.................
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    You just call it what you like, on, it, whatever. Wow to think we'd get so tech. on such a cool idea
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    Our '05 LJ Rubicon

    I agree with you Nomadic, I like my 6 speed LJ!