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    Timing Belt / Water Pump Job Hours

    1.5 hours just the belt, i change water pumps only if they leak.The front covers, guards and fan, of my 6g are missing too, makes it a very fast exchange. new timing belt every spring. 30k miles whichever. gen 1.sohc
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    Gen 2.5 6G74, Timing Belt parts list

    generally yes the aisin will have all you need. do buy cam seals locally and take the time to change them and the valve cover gaskets too.
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    OIL COOLER? Should there be one? Oil leak maybe from oil filter housing bolts - GEN1

    stay at 195 degrees. the 180 is generally too low, and will cause the ecm to adjust. if in really hot climate and heat is an issue a 180 might be considered. half way up the gauge is too high for regular operation assuming the gauge is accurate. that a big assumption. add an electronic gauge or...
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    1990 LWB "Rescue"

    mine was on its way to the crusher when i rescued it. a reliable vehicle now 5 years on
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    1991 montero 4m40 swapped offroad/overland build

    pretty montee. i recognize it from somewhere....hmmmm. did the tach work out for you ok? thx fer the $$ dave
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    ball joint (and tie rod ) taper

    does anyone know from recollection the taper of the mitsu ball joint? 4 degrees? same with tie rod. the idea fermenting in my noggin is to go with some serious surgery on montee and use a non mitsu UCA. possible rack and pinion, if i get ambitious. any one have these answers? i suppose it...
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    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    whew big job. i recall all of that work, i too have done on a gen 1....and keep doing. ferget the paint /clean thing. that buggy is so fun off road that its a waste of time to try fer pretty. this summer while on fire crew (we had no fires) i got this weird anal thing about cleaning the...
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    94 sr rear axle companion flange needed

    yes, not an adapter but will adapt my gen 1 driveline to my 94 axle. but it is technically the companion flange, and if i remember correctly, the flange on the drive shaft side. does anyone have such a part in the junk pile? I remember talking with a fellow in arizona who had one. thanks
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    94 sr rear axle companion flange needed

    some years ago i connected with a Arizona montee, who had an adapter to mate the gen 1 drive shaft to the 94 SR axle. Does anyone still have the necessary parts to do this? i left out on fire detail, and fergot all about it -until now. can anyone help out here? thank you
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    Recommend some good shocks👍.

    All are good suggestions. the KYB will be gruesome on the highway. King shocks rock i wonder if i can stuff them into a gen 1 b4 i get my ORI program together...
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    GEN1 Turn Signal Switch Help

    I've had a terrible time finding rocker switches that hold up. the carling, referred to here is a branded product. are they superior to others? I'm my case every circuit has a relay, I'm not pushing much through the switches, and still I find the quality to be , at best, average
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    GEN1 TV Cable adjustment

    I believe recently I detailed a method to do this. it has been in the last 6 months or so. it's quite simple but terribly important adj. if ur transmission is out of spec due to pressures or wear. getting the TV cable to work can be a hit or miss affair. altering ur TPS can also change ur shift...
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    Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

    a great bigift apology to all of was my horn button at fault. required all of 3 seconds to diagnose. pull button, ground wire, wake up neighbors. that simple, so all of my snotty, smarmy backtalk, I apologize for , right here and now. the grant button, upon inspecton leaves much to be...
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    blister fender mitsu in junk. portland oregon

    6241 SE 111th Avenue• Portland, OR 97266 503-760-5820Store Layout Map Part Pricing ROW 41 DATE ADDED October 1, 2019 TRIM 4WD ENGINE 3.5L V6 SOHC 24V TRANS 4-Speed Automatic COLOR GOLD VIN JA4MR51R5XJ001614 BARCODE B6166707 Vehicle condition, position and presence in the yard and part...
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    Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

    wouldnt that be something.... ive got the grant wheel, with a pretty simple horn button and have looked inside but will look again. will report back if you guys are right all along easy to get to as the horn button is staring at my ugly mug all day. might also explain why i cant find the...
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    Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

    ... when all else fails.... thank you for that link and of course they have no manual for a 1991.....i think ive been to that site b4.
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    241OR Ruby Tcase conversion, input needed

    it might be just the ticket, unless this ruby dont sell. in which case i will revisit the whole project at a later date. there is much to do these winter months on montee. im unsure where i will start, likely the front suspension, and differential, .....
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    Suspension bushings

    the siberian is a go-to when you do have badly worn bushings. like the body to trailing arm bushings that are wear parts. Since factory parts are hard to come by, the only real choice are the Siberians. My experience with them -like all poly bushings is that they are insufferably squeeky,and...
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    Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

    uummm, well fixing the horn is what i'm all about. thank you for the response; however, what i am experiencing is a stuck relay. the horn button has nothing to do with my problem. truth be told im using a grant wheel and have been for a number of years. the factory wheel leaves room for...
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    Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

    As mentioned. looking for horn relay. on gen1 . horn blaring, stuck on, when connected. Have any others of you had this experience? funny story, In the Santa Rosas in Northern Nevada, I was slipping past the ranch house on a BLM road or a county road that connects to the blm land, it was...