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    Using hitch reciever under slide in camper overhang

    Has anyone mounted a hitch cargo rack, bicycle rack or towed a trailer behind a truck with a slide in camper? How much overhang did you have and did you need an extension? Pictures would be great. My intention is to keep this thread general but my specific situation is that I have an F350...
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    Single platform for Toyota Hilux, Tacoma and 4runner So maybe the Hilux and Tacoma will merge again? I had the impression that the Tacoma made durability compromises for fuel economy to haul mountain bikes in the American market where as...
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    Traction pad, (Paddle board style)

    I ordered some traction pads with 3M adhesive backing to use on folding stairs and other miscellaneous parts of my truck and camper. I don't know how well it will hold up on the stairs but it is almost weightless and will allow my dog to climb them without slipping on raw aluminum. I don't have...
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    Practical barbecue grill solutions?

    Does anyone take a charcoal grill with them on the road? I enjoy grilling and am considering the following options: -Webber go-anywhere, would fit in side the vehicle, (generator compartment) fairly easily but its pretty small. -PKTX, looks like it could be attached to an exterior ladder or rack...
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    Understanding amp hours and lithium batteries

    While planning my electric power usage in a truck camper, I'm trying to wrap my head around how the tech specs translate to real world use. For example, the lithium battery in the camper will be a 100 ah 12v LiFePO4 deep cycle battery. When I compare the amp hours to the battery i use to charge...
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    Inverter, generator or both... or niether?

    So I'm finalizing the build sheet on a truck camper and I have some electrical questions. I want the flexibility to camp off grid and I don't have any RV/camper experience. I figure on starting small then adding as necessary but I can't decide if i should get an inverter right away. I confirmed...
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    Campsite scalping

    Apparently campsites at state parks are being sold on the secondary market for a profit. It seems to be a significant problem in Ontario...
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    Towing max capacity with a 5th Gen 4runner

    I just moved about 1k miles towing a 12 foot uhaul loaded at max capacity (about 5k, maybe a little over) using a 5th gen 4runner and thought I would post the performance since I couldn't find anything before my trip. -Acceleration was decent but you could definitely feel the weight. Especially...
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    Keeping a pop-up truck camper cool

    I ordered a pop-up truck camper and the roof is just tall enough for me to stand without touching the roof while wearing shoes. If I add a roof AC, I will have to duck underneath which I could not live with. I've considered having it offset over the dinette but it would cause asymmetric drag...
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    Another early model Toyota Chinook This camper looks really cool. Early model Toyota with a pop up, mostly original and decent shape but not so nice that it will be priced out of middle-class reach and stuck in...
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    Supertramp Flagship

    Interesting new truck camper made of fiberglass: Found out about it from this article: The build quality seems top notch and I like the hard side aft the cabover when raised.
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    Pop up camper fuel economy advantage

    Does anyone have experience with a pop up camper and hard side camper of otherwise similar proportions on the same truck to compare fuel economy? The front edge of most pop ups don't look very aerodynamic but obviously have less frontal surface area. My guess is the pop up would do better but...
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    Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab Bargains

    If I lived near Charlotte North Carolina, I would probably buy one of these as a starting point on a camper van. Unless they have some significant problem that isn't in the ad, seems like a great value.
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    Why F-550 instead of F-450 chassis cab?

    Why do medium duty, high end Expedition vehicles like EarthRoamer LTS start with an F-550 instead of an F-450 chassis cab? I thought the only difference between the two was the suspension but builders replace all the components anyway. What am I missing? Thanks!
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    If money was no object, I’d get an Earth Roamer....

    But, Since my budget doesn’t support and my off-road needs don’t require Earth Roamer capabilities, I’m looking at other options. I didn’t want to thread jack but my situation is very similar to vanaddict’s “ready to make a larger commitment” thread. I want to explore North America on 98% paved...
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    Epoxy over canvas siding?

    Does anyone have experience or expertise in resin and or canvas to know if building a truck camper with canvas over wood siding and roof would hold up to the elements? I was thinking maybe treating the canvas with resin or some other weather proofing?
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    Plastic tote wider than 16”

    I am looking for storage and transport solutions to a 17” Blackstone Griddle. They sell a bag but I would much prefer a hard side weather resistant and stackable option. Looking at Walmart and Home Depot, none of the plastic totes come with an interior width greater than about 16” and with the...