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  1. TxEddie1111

    1992 RRC, complete overland vehicle LS motor; 1978 RRC

    For sale: 1992 SWB RRC Location: Houston, Texas Price: $55000 Options: LS motor, RTE lift, bumpers, skid plate, Howling moon diff covers, winch, lights, Natl Luna fridge, aux battery with CTEC dual system (solar), AluCab RTT and awning, boatload of Front runner stuff, completely restored, ARB...
  2. TxEddie1111, I meant to start this build thread about 3 years ago. 1992 RRC SWB overlanding

    Long story short (as I can make it). I've always loved the look of the Range Rover Classic and planned long ago to restore one as my daily driver. About 4/5 years ago I purchased a 1992 RRC from an eBay seller. The vehicle was in really good shape so to make it my daily driver, I planned on a...
  3. TxEddie1111

    Solar panel for CTek D250 with Smartpass

    Does anyone have suggestions on a quality solar panel (or panels) to use with the CTek D250 with Smart pass? I'm charging a Lifeline 12v 125 ah auxiliary battery in the rear of a Range Rover Classic. 50l fridge and a few miscellaneous LED lights. I'd like 100-150 watts and preferably use 2...
  4. TxEddie1111

    Wanted: Range Rover Classic parts

    I'm looking for the front seats and the 4 interior door panels for a SWB 1992 RRC in tan. This is for a nut and bolt restoration so I'll pay a premium for the highest quality. Thank you!
  5. TxEddie1111

    classic restoration

    I'm restoring a 1992 SWB Classic and need the front seats and all 4 door panels in tan. I'll pay a premium for best quality. Thank you!!
  6. TxEddie1111


    Hi, Anyone from Houston going? Cheers, Eddie
  7. TxEddie1111

    Awesome 1976 Toyota HJ45 diesel, loaded to the max!

    I am (regretfully) selling my 1976 HJ45. See mu build thread at My kids are off to college and it just sits in the garage. I will use the proceeds to purchase 2 BMW GS motorcycles for my next...
  8. TxEddie1111

    Looking for a 12HT

    Hey guys, I have an HJ45 with an H motor. I drive in the mountains up to 12000' and the H, well, it's kinda rough on it. I have the H55 but want to swap in a 12HT. Anyone have a lead on one? Thanks! Eddie
  9. TxEddie1111

    My 1976 HJ45 "expedition" build

    Hi guys, figured I'd post a few pics of a 45 I'm building to haul family and friends (slowly) around in Colorado. I'l post a few pictures of the truck the way it looked after I had it "refurbished". (read: all new body work, paint, weatherstripping, lights, etc) The truck has the H motor, 5...
  10. TxEddie1111

    Garmin 76CSx

    OK guys, I'm a bit brain-dead when it comes to IT electronics so any help would be greatly appreciated. I just bought the aforementioned GPS. I plan to install it in my "76 HJ45 (expedition plans... Here's the question(s): (1) How do I get the off-road maps (Topo or National Geographic) on my...
  11. TxEddie1111

    Towing Power

    Hi guys, I have an hj45; 2H with 5 speed transmission. Do you think i would have enough power to tow an Adventure Trailer Chaser on the mining roads in the Colorado Rockies? I'm not after speed, just ability to travel? Thanks! Eddie