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  1. chips95

    (SOLD) 2012 Ram Power Wagon Laramie w/ FWC Hawk Flatbed,

    $76,000 Located in Santee, CA 2012 Ram Power Wagon Laramie (5.7 Hemi) 50,062 current mileage All the Power Wagon goodies (4wd, front and rear lockers, Sway bar disconnect, skid plates, winch, etc) Every option except rear seat DVD to include: Cold Weather Package (Heated Seats, Heated Steering...
  2. chips95

    SOLD-2013 FWC Hawk Side Dinette San Diego, CA

    Well we just finished our last trip with our FWC Hawk side dinette (aptly named “Little House” by our 5 year old) and its time to put the old girl up for sale (we are dropping our truck off at Adventure Trailers in the coming days for an install of a Norweld Flatbed and Hawk Flatbed camper). We...
  3. chips95

    Adventure Trailer Teardrop SOLD

    Well its time for an upgrade to something larger! After our last trip with our 2 year old and getting absolutely no sleep from all of the kicking and punching in his sleep we have sold the Jeep and bought a truck which we will eventually put an in bed camper in. So with that said here is my...
  4. chips95

    Conqueror Compact

    Well looks like we are moving in a different direction thus the need to sell our Compact. As I'm sure most of you are already familiar with the type of trailer I wont go into to many details. We have added the solar controller with the 60 watt power film, an Engle 45, 2 composite 10lb propane...
  5. chips95

    Conqueror Compact trip AL to ME

    Sorry for the new thread, just hoping to get some ideas from my fellow Conqueror owners, as the title says me the wife and the two dogs are planning a round trip from Alabama to Maine, with a total of 36 days off work not sure if I'll use it all but we will see, plan on leaving around the 22nd...
  6. chips95

    New to forum

    Well,Ive been browsing around the forum for who knows how long now, and finally decided to join.Just picked up my conqueror compact up last Saturday and have already been elbow deep into it. Great trailer with only some small problems so far 1. Had to drill a bigger hole in the top of the water...