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  1. lqdchkn

    1998 e-350 4x4 van

    Man, if I was still in Brentwood I'd be there this weekend to look at it.
  2. lqdchkn

    1998 e-350 4x4 van

    Link to Craigs or somethin'??
  3. lqdchkn

    4x4 Converted Ambulance

    Yeah this has been up for some time now. Seems like the only thing holding it back is that it's 1 year too early....IDI vs PSD.
  4. lqdchkn

    Land Rover Defender 110 with Alucab poptop

    This is an '86 with a '94 diesel motor. If it were an '86 with a '94 gas motor it would need to meet '94 gas carb emissions. As it's an '86 with a '94 diesel motor it needs to meet '94 diesel carb emissions....of which there are none. IIRC diesel's were smog free in CA through the '97 model...
  5. lqdchkn

    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    I found it easier to take a handle off the frigde and bring it with me to size against the handles they have in the store. It's probably obvious but make sure you get ones with a flange large enough for you to add the couple extra holes.
  6. lqdchkn

    Edgestar Fridge Modifications Thread

    Review post #42, go to ACE.
  7. lqdchkn

    Corvair Powered UltraVan

    Exactly but so not currently restored, prolly not worth the mention, lol
  8. lqdchkn

    Corvair Powered UltraVan

    ad says restored, pics show a pretty worn vehicle :unsure:
  9. lqdchkn

    2016 Ford Transit 250 2WD Conversion Van FOR SALE

    Might be good to post what motor is in it and more pics of the interior.
  10. lqdchkn

    UJOR Build Thread

    Chris- Any more info on what type of truck that is? Was it a bus of some type? What front bumper is that? etc.
  11. lqdchkn

    Unimog Doka Camper Reno CL

    @Hockeychick18 why are you continuing to bump an 18month old FS ad? :unsure:
  12. lqdchkn

    1992 E350 4x4 Ambo Conversion, Ohio

    Only by about 2 years so ya know