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  1. Blue Baby Sound

    Mounting ARB 2500 to 4 door JK (and 2 doors)- looking for examples

    We're adding an ARB 2500 and room to our '14 JKUR and would like to see how others have mounted their awnings. We also have a 2 door and may swap it back and forth. I'm hoping there are some creative mounts that don't involve a rack. Thanks in advance!
  2. Blue Baby Sound

    Jeep Gladiator 'Farout' Is The Ultimate Family Camping Truck

    Not a lot of details in this article, but I like where they're heading with the concept...
  3. Blue Baby Sound

    Ozark National Forest- 3 day trip

    Just spent a few days with Christian Crawlers in the ONF with my grandson and dog. Here's a few pics of the trip. Nothing special, just phone pics. :)
  4. Blue Baby Sound

    BBS Jeep builds- 2018 JK (Gobi), 2014 JKUR (Copperhead Pearl)

    (picture taken August 2021) On August 9th, 2017 we ordered the wife an '18 JK Sport S to replace her '16 Willys that was in a wreck. This is our 4th JK and 3rd build. We're starting off with 2 door Sport S with the Power Convenience Group, Connectivity Group, auto trans, hard top and LEDs...
  5. Blue Baby Sound

    Teraflex Falcon 3.3 Shocks- Install & Review

    So for those of you that are in the market for new shocks, here’s my take on the new Falcon 3.3 shocks after having them installed for a week. My Mopar Stage III lift (now the Teraflex S/T3) came with FOX 2.0’s specifically tuned for the Jeep JK. I had no complaints about the FOX shocks, but...
  6. Blue Baby Sound

    Help me to NOT fail

    Hello, We have a 3 day overland trip scheduled at the end of the month and I'm trying to make sure I'm prepared. I need help from the Pros reviewing my list of items to take. Here's where I'm at so far. Recovery/tools: 9500 pound winch Hi Lift jack Shackles Straps Air compressor Tire plug kit...