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  1. HUMMER/Expeditions

    This truck is unbelievable good

    took the Discovery to high Sierras camping and exploring I have to say, what this diesel discovery was able to do is extreme off-road level. The sign on the trail head said, modified vehicle with experience driver. and here comes stock discovery and walked over, I was diving my 2017 Tacoma TRD...
  2. HUMMER/Expeditions

    This is bad ******

    I came across this and I think its awesome, using Hummers portal gears for pickup trucks, And now even pickup truck can have the CTIS ( central tire inflation system ) And at least 37 inch tires without a lift.
  3. HUMMER/Expeditions

    A short video

    I was playing with iMovie App and made a short video of my friends land rovers doing what they do. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. HUMMER/Expeditions

    Change your security lug nuts.

    I had to help rescue this beautiful GX, Trail is 14 miles long, at the end there is a primitive camp area, trail is very rutted, very narrow and full of sharp rock, this couple drove all the way down and right at the end they had a side wall cut, And that stupid security lock broke on them so...