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  1. digitalferg

    2003 Tacoma DCSB TRD 4x4, 3.4L Supercharged, 5-spd swap

    2003 Tacoma DCSB TRD 4x4, Supercharged, 5-spd swap Ready to move on from this Tacoma. I previously owned it from 2016-2017, sold it to a guy in Cal, missed it, bought it back in 2020, and it's just not working for what I need now. The Truck: 2003 Toyota Tacoma TRD DoubleCab Radiant red...
  2. digitalferg

    WTB 1st Gen Double Cab, 4x4 or 4x2

    Edit: Got a deal pending. Think I found the one. 😎 11/3/20 Looking to buy a 2001-2004 1st Gen Double Cab. A semi-project truck would be ok as long as the body and paint is pretty good and frame is CLEAN. 4x4 or 4x2/PreRunner is totally ok. Gray interior only. No green or gold/tan exterior...
  3. digitalferg

    1st Gen Tacoma/3rd Gen 4Rnr 4.88 diffs

    ***SOLD*** Selling a set of 4.88 diffs for 1st Gen Tacoma or 3rd Gen 4Runner. Front and rear. Rear is e-locker. These are complete diffs built by East Coast Gear Supply with Nitro gears. Have just under 10K miles on them. Selling as a set only. ***SOLD***
  4. digitalferg

    APOR uni-ball Upper Control Arms - 95.5-04 Taco, 96-02 T4R

    SOLD Selling a set of All Pro Off Road upper control arms for 1st Gen Tacoma or 3rd Gen 4Runner. They are used and unknown mileage on them as they were on the truck I just bought and the guy used them on this truck and another truck prior. They are in good shape, but they have a small bit of...
  5. digitalferg

    FS in Utah: 2000 LX470, 142K miles, mostly stock

    SOLD 2000 LX470 For Sale My wife was extremely jealous of the niceties in my 2005 GX470 vs her 2000 LX470, so we ended up getting her a new one too. She's now in a 2005 LX470 and so we need to get rid of this one. This is a SOLID truck with lots of maintenance items taken care of while we've...
  6. digitalferg

    1st Gen Taco and 80 series Cruiser parts

    Have a bunch of parts for a Tacoma SAS project that included a bunch of 80 series Cruiser and Tacoma parts. Prices are negotiable. MAKE AN OFFER. Located in Provo/SLC, Utah area. -Ferg * FROR steering box mount frame sleeves w/ bolts (4 of them) $25 for set * FROR tacoma firewall plate w/...
  7. digitalferg

    FS: 2002 Double Cab Toyota Tacoma, 120K miles, 4x4, TRD Off Road w/ rear elocker

    2002 Double-Cab Tacoma 4x4 Prerunner TRD Off-road -- SOLD Clean, low-mileage, 2002 TRD Double Cab 4x4 Prerunner Tacoma with the factory rear electric locking differential (elocker). It has the 3.4L V6 and an automatic transmission. This truck has been my baby. My pride and joy. I was never...
  8. digitalferg

    ARB Simpson III c Roof Top Tent

    SOLD Have some other priorities for my truck and home and haven't ended up being able to use this much. I spent two nights in it: one in a drive-up campsite, one in my driveway. I bought it from a guy who bought it new. Here's the text from his for sale ad from last January (I bought it in...
  9. digitalferg

    Aluminum false gutter brackets

    Selling a set of 4 aluminum false gutter brackets. These can bolt to the topside of a surface or a side surface. I had them mounted on the topside of a pickup bed and mounted Thule rain gutter mount type feet on them. Worked great to mount my roof top tent onto the bed of my pickup. Don't...
  10. digitalferg

    4.10 IFS front + 4.10 8" elocker rear diffs - 1Gen Taco/3Gen 4Runner

    UPDATED: Only thing left is the front diff: -stock 4.10 IFS front diff. From a manual front end, but does NOT include the manual axle tube or the mounts or CVs or anything else in the pics. Its the diff/3rd only cause I'm using the rest. Unknown miles. $100 shipped CONUS or make an offer. In...
  11. digitalferg

    Thule 387 high foot gutter mount + LB60 bars

    SOLD. Selling a set of four (4) Thule 387 high foot gutter mount feet and two (2) Thule LB60 60" load bars. They are 8" tall. Includes a set of locks. Good for Rovers and Cruisers and other vehicles with rain gutters. They are used but in great shape.
  12. digitalferg

    WTT Tacoma/4Runner Fabtech Dirt logic 2.5 CO fronts for OME fronts

    SOLD! And have a pair of new OMEs on the way! :) I'm looking to trade or sell my good condition 1st Gen Tacoma/4Runner Fabtech Dirt logic 2.5" coil-over front suspension for good condition OME (OLD MAN EMU) sport shocks and 880 or 881 coils. No reason other than I am an OME (OLD MAN EMU)...
  13. digitalferg

    Back in business: Ferg's Taco Build

    NEW TACOMA - 08/2016 - current I've taken over my old Tacoma thread with the new Tacoma. :D They're just about the same truck anyway, other than color and the new one (red one) came as a 4x4 so I didn't have to convert it. :D 2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4, V6, TRD 86,666 miles 255/85r16...
  14. digitalferg

    [SOLD] CampingLabs small RTT 47x94" SELL OR TRADE (NorCal)

    Updated for stuff still for sale. I won't ship any of this stuff, but I can meet up with ya somewhere. (I'm now in Bay Area California). I really REALLY would like to trade the tent for an equivalent value mountain bike. :) Stuff: CampingLabs 47"x94" roof top tent, hardly used, great...
  15. digitalferg

    A Strange New Chapter

    Just picked up a new ride yesterday and I'm anxious and excited to get going on it. Not much to list yet, but here's the details: 2002 Frontier Crew XE 4x4 107K miles 5-speed M/T I'm joining the Nissan ranks coming from a long time stint with Toyotas (almost 11 years) though I rocked a 1990...
  16. digitalferg

    Ferg's junk-laying-around Sale

    Cleaning up the garage shelfs to gather dough for the new Taco build. Everything is "if the price is unreasonable, make me an offer". PM or call 502-286-nine.six.eight.two cruiser bezel aluminum hawse, mounted but never used, covers for headlight portion is surface rusty gone arb lenses and...
  17. digitalferg

    Ferg's New Ride

    Long story short: sold the 4Runner on Dec 27th, was sad for a week, bought a Tacoma last night, am now stoked. Let the fun begin!--again. 2001 Tacoma Dbl Cab 3.4L V6 Supercharged TRD 4wd 107k miles bonestock -Ferg- The old: The new:
  18. digitalferg

    2002 SR5 4Runner 4x4

    Sold 12/27/2010 It saddens me to do this, but the 4Runner is no longer fitting the mold for my off-road usage, so she's going up for sale. (I am not selling any parts off it separately, so please don't ask.) 2002 SR5 4Runner, 100K miles OME N91s shocks w/ Tundra TRD coils w/ 5mm OME coil...
  19. digitalferg

    3rd Gen 4Runner hood black-out

    Threw this vinyl hood black-out on my 4runner the other day. Worked with Trevor (Isotel over on IH8Mud--not sure if he's on here as well...) from to get this made up for my 4Runner. He hadn't done any for the 3rd Gen at all yet so this was the first. I think it needs to be a...