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  1. SkiWill

    Improving the Tactical Rovers rear bumper and Swing Outs for LR3 and LR4

    So my LR4 is my daily driver. I use it to take kids to school, pick up groceries, make Costco runs, etc. I also use it hunting, camping, driving to remote places for fun and for work. So it has to do a lot of things like carry extra fuel and a real E-rated LT full size spare. At the time I...
  2. SkiWill

    DIY Green Oval Experience or Faskit or What do you carry for EAS trail failure?

    I've been searching for some sort of EAS trail kit to get the Rover off the bump stops in the event of EAS system failure. It seems that the GOES or Green Oval Experience kit is out of production and the business itself no longer exists. The Faskit, as mentioned by others seems a bit expensive...