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  1. kenley&co

    2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 (Givery Green)

    2004 (Last year) the good: Just hit 112k miles I got it from the second owner(he had it since 30k) Southern truck, zero rust Never been off-road Stock-except for steel rear bumper- CDL(center-diff lock) Engine/head gasket/trans/transfer case all strong Working traction control(no tres amigos)...
  2. kenley&co

    another cool g4 edition discovery in Colorado
  3. kenley&co

    2008 LR3 G4 Pretty sweet rig here I think
  4. kenley&co

    Rear pinion seal 95 SR

    Hey guys can’t find much info on doing this job, I’m going to attempt it this weekend it’s starting to leak worse lately... can anyone lead me in the right direction to a DIY link or just the parts I need? I’ve found a bunch of seals but not sure the exact one I need. Also, should I do the...
  5. kenley&co

    2002 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad Supercharged

    209k miles Double cab automatic Factory E-locker TRD Supercharger (recently rebuilt) Fox coils up front and shocks in the rear Airbags installed for carrying heavy loads Trail Gear rear tube bumper Leather seat covers with heated seats Viper alarm system and keyless entry BFG KO2 265/75 16E new...
  6. kenley&co

    Weird 2nd gen coolant leak and question about front axle shaft

    Hey guys just noticed a really slow coolant leak, maybe drips on the top of the transmission skid once a week but maybe is burning off as I drive too. I can not track down where it’s coming’s from the back of the engine more towards the driver side and running down the back of the...
  7. kenley&co

    95 sr cv axle replacement help

    Hey guys so I’ve watched a bunch of videos and read a couple threads but none were specific to a 2nd gen sr...I’m going to replace my cv axle this coming weekend and I’m no mechanic but I don’t have the 300$ for a shop to do it. I picked up a replacement at o’reilys and I will have my old one...
  8. kenley&co

    Should I buy this 03 D2 as my first rover?

    So I found a 2003 D2 I think is a decent deal...1500. The problems are a few electrical heaters, rear wipers I don’t care. 3 amigos is on. But he says it runs solid 176k miles, rust free, motor was swapped with an 02 that was wrecked by the original owner and he says it has about...