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  1. DCGibbs

    International 4X6, Dually & Tandum Axle, Large Chassis - Under 23K, Local to Boise, ID

    Hello Everyone, I am not affileated with the Seller. I drove by iTec on the Freeway yesterday. They have taken in 5 International 4900's, looks like they are a 1992, 98, 99 and a 2000 - All seem to have less that 100K on the Odometer. Here's a link...
  2. DCGibbs

    Sprinter versus Transit?

    Hello All, This post is especially for current Sprinter owners. The Mrs and I are seriously considering selling the 88-62 Series LandCruiser because she just can't sleep on the ground anymore. I am really impressed with the turbo diesel 4X Sprinter. Beef-up tires, front & rear bumpers... Add...
  3. DCGibbs

    Mobile Observatory Project - About to launch!

    Hello All - I'm giving all of us, in the US and Canada; a little advanced notice. Ben and Kat Davidson, of SuspiciousObservers will be launching a year long US and Canada travel. Taking this rolling Lab with them. They might need our skills, help, etc. Please go out to their web-site and read...
  4. DCGibbs

    1973 Toyota LandCruiser FJ40, Green - FS in Boise, ID

    Went to the grocery store to pickuo stuff for dinner. Spotted a Green 40 with a For Sale sign in the left Corner Window...slowed down to see if it was my old 74. It wasn't. Took a couple photos. There's no phone # on the For Sale sign, and it's not on Craigs List. It does have a full roll...