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  1. arveetek

    Frustrations... Express Van trailer wiring issues

    Yes, that's a thing. On the pickups of that vintage, GM did not attach the 12V + battery wire to the stud on the front of the fuse box under the hood; the wire was taped to the harness; you had to remove the wire from the wire harness, and attach it to one of the 12V + studs on the front of the...
  2. arveetek

    Off grid cold starts with Ford 7.3 IDI (forced air option?)

    Regarding fuel gelling: Here in SW Missouri, you never know what blend of diesel they are actually running at the pumps. Supposedly good down to 10 below zero. However, in the past 20 years, I've gelled up 3 times in temps in the single digits. As a result, I now ALWAYS use anti-gel in the...
  3. arveetek

    Looking at a 1994 3500HD with Monroe 4WD Conversion

    Ditto. I've got 368K miles on my 6.5L/4L80E. The trick to longevity on these engines is not trying to tow extremely large loads. Moving a vehicle around, even a heavy one, is where they work best. But trying to tow large trailers works them to death. Casey
  4. arveetek

    1992 Dodge W250 Cummins / VW Vanagon Abomination *MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS*

    Very cool build! My grandfather did something somewhat similar years ago. In 1983 he purchased a brand new Chevrolet P30 motorhome chassis with a 6.2L diesel and TH400 tranmission; just a chassis with no body. He then scoured the salvage yards looking for body ideas. He ended up taking a...
  5. arveetek

    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    Where are you located? I noticed your Missouri and Natural State Overland stickers. I'm in SW Missouri, and my friend Randy actually started Natural State Overland! Casey
  6. arveetek

    Thinking about a 2-dr Tahoe...

    Thanks! I honestly don't know the specs on the wheels. They are stock Toyota OEM "steelies." I bought them used from a friend and bolted them and they work! There was just a slight amount of rubbing on the front, and I had to trim the lower plastic valance just a bit, and crank the front...
  7. arveetek

    My 1990 Chevy K1500

    I saw you truck in the FourWheeler mag! Very cool, and congrats for being chosen to participate in the adventure! Casey
  8. arveetek

    Guess who's back!?! Atl-atl's K5 Blazer + Four Wheel Camper "The Crawlin Cabin" documentation thread!

    That is an aftermarket transmission cooler. The original transmission cooler was located inside the radiator and used no rubber hoses; it was 2 steel lines from the transmission to the radiator and back. Whoever installed the aux cooler in front of the radiator simply cut the OEM steel hard...
  9. arveetek

    Thinking about a 2-dr Tahoe...

    I love my 2 door! I've owned it for 15 years now. There is a third engine option available on these rigs: the 6.5L diesel, which is what I have (although it is fairly rare). I absolutely love having a 30 gallon fuel tank and a fuel-sipping diesel. When I'm out with my Jeep and Toyota buddies...
  10. arveetek

    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    My 2-door probably doesn't fit your 5-seating requirements, but here it is regardless! :D Casey
  11. arveetek

    1998 Chevy Suburban High Top Camper Conversion.

    I've noticed the various vans in the background of your photos. Do you work for a van conversion company, or just using their shop, or?? Just curious! :D Casey
  12. arveetek

    -1973 K5 - Project Canyonero

    Ditto! Praying for you and your family during this difficult time. Casey
  13. arveetek

    1994 full size Blazer lift and tires

    I vote for keeping it stock or doing SAS. I cranked my bars about 1" to clear my 33" tires. I wouldn't spend a dime on an IFS lift. Spend the money on a SAS, and you'll get a lot more bang for the buck. You'll spend thousands on a proper IFS lift, but in the end, all you've gained is...
  14. arveetek

    Why so few GM Builds?

    Ha ha! Thanks! (I think) :D Casey
  15. arveetek

    Learn me about the 6.9/7.3 idi motors

    They are very reliable, simple engines. Adding a turbo will help tremendously, especially when traveling to higher elevations where the oxygen thins out. The glow plug relays are notorious for failing, causing hard start issues, but is a simple repair. The cavitation issue is probably their...
  16. arveetek

    1990's full size Chevy truck accessories

    I built my own rear tire carrier, using the plans I found here: For my 1995 Tahoe: I have since added a hi-lift jack mount and LED back up lights onto the carrier, but don't have a recent picture...
  17. arveetek

    1994 Full Size Blazer project

    . . Sweet ride! Very, very clean for a 1994. I'd be afraid to take it out and get any pinstripes on that nice paint!! Here's what I followed to build the tire carrier for my 2-door: Getting that spare...
  18. arveetek

    AA1PR’s Yukon Long Term Build & Adventure Videos 56K

    I love my K02's! I know you have the original version, but these new models with the more aggressive sidewalls are just awesome. I think they are nearly the perfect tire for our kind of use. Casey
  19. arveetek

    1999 GMC Yukon Build

    Cool! Thanks! At one time there was an aftermarket dash bezel available that would allow you to lower the A/C controls and install a double din head unit so it would look factory. I'm not sure if it's still available or not.... Edit: looks like it's still available from more than one vendor...
  20. arveetek

    1991 Chevy R/V3500 Crew Cab Build

    Thanks! That is one awesome rig! I love the old square bodies. Wish I still had mine. Casey