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  1. Aaron Wasson

    For Sale: Decked Storage - 2020 Tundra Crewmax $1000

    I’m selling the Decked storage that I had from my Tundra. Still in good condition, only used to carry gear outside of the truck cab. Used once for a heavy object (300lbs). Includes: Decked Storage Tan D-Box Set of Coretrax (installed) Drawer Dividers Drain plugs (not installed) Drawer...
  2. Aaron Wasson

    For Sale: National Luna Portable Power Pack

    Price drop!! Asking $300 with shipping.
  3. Aaron Wasson

    For Sale: National Luna Portable Power Pack

    Bump. Would like to get this out the door. Ended up selling the Taco and picking up a T4R.
  4. Aaron Wasson

    For Sale: National Luna Portable Power Pack

    Selling my good condition National Luna Portable Power Pack. Was installed in a Tacoma, and Ive recently moved to a 4Runner. Asking $300 + shipping (box still has a good battery in it. If you live near STL, Ill sell both together for $450) Included all parts (other than the cabling): Power...
  5. Aaron Wasson

    National Luna Portable Powerpack - St Louis

    I’m selling my National Luna Portable Powerpack to start financing a front battery system to better fit my needs. Battery has been stored in a tool box and has saved me a time or two when my main battery died. Selling with the battery as it won’t fit my new system. I’m currently located in St...
  6. Aaron Wasson

    DD with bed rack?

    I did for a long time, and will again when I get a new rack. I had a PelfreyBilt rack om my DCSB. I loved it. I dont think mine was that heavy though. I could move it around by myself and install/remove alone. I didnt really have too much trouble with it being back there. If I knew that I...
  7. Aaron Wasson

    2017 TACOMA $$$$$$$

    This. There is a stockish black '16 on the showroom floor where Im at, and the sticker is $41. I cant imagine what the TRD would cost sitting there.
  8. Aaron Wasson

    Blue Ridge Overland Gear does right

    I love that!!! So much easier than having my FAK flying around.
  9. Aaron Wasson

    Dempster to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic Ocean

    I think that would freak me out a little.
  10. Aaron Wasson

    Front Driveshaft 2003 Disco 2

    Yep. I replaced all of mine at the same time. Wasn't terribly expensive. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  11. Aaron Wasson

    Anyone own this 270 degree awning sold on eBay?

    That looks like the one that I have. I bought a homemade off-road trailer recently and there was a 270 that came with it. Ill just go ahead and tell you my thoughts. Save your money for a better one. The aluminum supports that hold the canvas up are too thin walled. The first time I...
  12. Aaron Wasson

    RTT on a Tacoma Baja Rack Utility Rack

    I noticed today that BajaRacks have updated the utility rack page to say you can mount tents on it. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. Aaron Wasson

    RTT on a Tacoma Baja Rack Utility Rack

    I agree on their coating. I need to pull mine down and have it spray lined. Mine looks terrible. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  14. Aaron Wasson

    RTT on a Tacoma Baja Rack Utility Rack

    Any update? I have a BajaRack Utility rack and was wondering the same exact thing. Ive contacted Baja and the person that I talked to didnt "approve" the idea.
  15. Aaron Wasson

    Roof Rack for Leer 100xr (Tacoma)

    If thats true, and they wont sell the rear section (I just looked and you arent even able to select it), then Ill be in the same boat as you. I have the Baja Utility up front, and will soon be needing the rear section. If they wont sell the rear alone, then Front Runner just became added to my...
  16. Aaron Wasson

    Random Scenic Shots

    Top of a large hill in Tochni, Cyprus
  17. Aaron Wasson

    Overland Journals for sale 2007-2014

    Wow, if it weren't for Christmas, I'd love to have that set
  18. Aaron Wasson

    HF Assistance

    Yeah. I'm actually working with him by email to get everything working right. He gave me a few places to start and I'm just waiting for parts to come in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk