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  1. Boblahr

    1964 F350 4x4 Camper

    1964 f350 with factory camper Location: San Diego, California The truck was originally converted to 4wd using a donor 1976 f250 highboy. The front axle is a 8 lug Dana 44 with a Detroit locker, NP205 divorced transfer case, rear axle is a Sterling 10.25 from a 1996 f250. 3:55 gear ratio which...
  2. Boblahr

    Non-cab over truck camper wanted

    I’m looking for a non-cab over slide in truck camper for a trailer build I’m doing. Very interested in the old Mitchell Fish Huts or Similar. Usually the crustier the better so I don’t feel bad gutting it😁. Prefer East of the Mississippi but I could be persuaded to take a longer trip. Feel free...
  3. Boblahr

    1988 3/4 Ton Suburban with 12 valve Cummins

    Started this project a couple of years ago during a very busy time, and just now starting to put some real time into it. Started with a 1988 V20 Suburban bought for $1,100 and pulled out of a field with the 350 in it. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  4. Boblahr

    1964 F350 4x4 Camper

    Just agreed to purchase this today. What do ya'll think? I don't take delivery until the 20th.