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  1. chnlisle

    2012 All Terrain Camper Bobcat Model

    This Bobcat is in absolutely pristine condition. The previous owner took delivery on it in May of last year so it is virtually brand new. He did make a couple of modifications but all 'n all it's original. The owner added some hooks on the rear lift panel but they can easily be removed. He...
  2. chnlisle

    2011 All Terrain Bobcat Camper For Sale

    A customer is asking me to sell his 2011 Bobcat so he can go to a bigger truck and camper. Its in excellent condition and comes with an Engel MT45 Fridge/Freezer. This camper was purchased Brand New in February of 2011 and was mounted on a 2000 Toyota Tacoma. It is in excellent condition. The...
  3. chnlisle

    Ram Man Forever

    This can be filed under Credit Where Credit Is Due. 2/14/12 I took my truck into my local Dodge dealer because I wanted the cooling system drained and filled and because of a suspicious noise from up front. It sounded like a wheel bearing but not as loud. It turned out to be the pinion...
  4. chnlisle

    Real Compressor For Cheap

    Here's a guy selling a Hadley on ebay. I used this same compressor a lot for a lot of years. It was dead reliable albeit a bit slow. It's not some toy inflator. When I got mine at JC Whitneys it was $80. I mounted in in an ammo box...