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    Ursa Minor Topper (Jeep Rubicon)

    We finally bought this 2015 Rubicon and have no need for the Ursa Minor Topper would like to see it go to someone who can appreciate it. Will consider price reduction for Black JK Top in good shape. $8,500 . .
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    Brian....hope all is well. Looking for some user tips. Is there a way to search the forum...

    Brian....hope all is well. Looking for some user tips. Is there a way to search the forum postings and or set up notifications? Much appreciated! dc
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    Compared to the Hallmark it is a beast!
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    We are two years in with the new Cirrus and it has been awesome and now real issues to speak of. the only small thing that happened a couple of weeks ago is that some of the black stripping around the unit cracked and blew off while we were driving down the road but it is stored outside so to...
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    Price Drop - Overland Ready 2013 Jeep Rubicon

    Awesome set up.... Is the rig still available? is the $37500 the reduced price? Thx
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    Ursa Minor J30 rubicon for sale

    Awesome set it still available?
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    Sorry for my late responses! A few follow up items: 1. I'm happy to say that Cirrus (NuCamp) has really stepped up to take ownership and address all the warranty items! 2. In regards to the off-road handling....a few observations so far: - Combined with the F350 vs F150 the rig is a beast...
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    It is a bit disheartening to have to take that route. I am happy to report that after over 3 months of going back and forth with Cirrus they have really stepped up to resolve all of the issues. I think we were a bit unique in the fact that our unit experienced all of these issues. If you...
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    I wanted to provide an update. Cirrus has engaged from the highest level of the company and working through Bob Scott to resolve the issues we are dealing with. Once I was able to break through the complexity of getting to the right person they have been great. They are also taking my...
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    2003 Hallmark Guanella LX $10,000

    Worker Drone nailed it!! Thanks dc
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    Frank Thanks. I did receive a email from Scott Hubble this morning stepping up and taking full responsibility and stepping in to help get to the bottom of things. Stay tuned, Daren
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    Attached are the latest. We have not been out in a couple of weeks. Daren
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    I have not seen much in the way of reviews and information on the Cirrus 820. We recently purchased a new 820 so thought I would share some feedback I wish I would have had during our research process! Some background....we finally decided to move into a full size, hard sided camper after over...
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    2003 Hallmark Guanella LX $10,000

    This is a fantastic set up for off the beaten path camping and this combo has been purpose built to make the most out of the set up. The truck has been sold and now selling the camper. This is our second Hallmark and they have been great we are selling as we are moving to a bigger rig (F350)...
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    2008 Ford F350 Diesel 4x4

    is the unit still available?
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    XP Camper V1 For Sale

    Kent Nice set up! Do you have more pics of the camper?