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    What battery size would you need to go overlanding in an EV.

    I am planning a build of a truck camper with the goal of putting it on an EV truck someday. I was thinking about what battery size I would need to feel comfortable overlanding with EV. I think I would want around 500 miles of range. Without the help of solar, this would allow for a 200 mile...
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    Lunos HRV system?

    So I am designing my build for a total composites camper, and because it will be very tight I expect I will need some ventilation air. I am familiar with Heat Recovery Systems, but I came across the Lunos ego and curious if anyone has used one? It is specifically made for small spaces under...
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    My poor man's Earth Roamer design.

    I am planning a build of a 14 foot flat bed F550 camper and looking for feedback. MY plan is to live in it full time. I currently live in a travel trailer and tow it with a Ford Transit. I find it such a pain to hook up the trailer and get away for a weekend. Plus, I can't go to the...