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    GXV Adventure Truck listed

    Not the normal chassis. EXPEDITION READY AT $345,000 2004 Ford F750 Chassis 50,000 Miles Adventure Truck Body with Roof Rack Front Dining Area Full Size Bed Dual-Pane Glass Windows Lithium-Ion Batteries, 800ah total Solar Panels - 600W total...
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    Overland Expo East comments?

    We went to the East show this weekend. It's the third East show we have attended. Last one we attended was the 2019 show at Arrington VA and the other one was 2018 I think ( the great mud fest show anyhow). I was a bit disappointed with the number of exhibitors for this show compared to the...
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    Adventure Van Expo East 2021 show

    I posted this in another folder, but this one might be more appropriate? Well, we went to the show on Saturday. Quite a few campers it looked like, maybe 200 vans in the campground. Maybe 50 vans in the actual show. Quite a few spectators though. Not sure what we expected, but it was a bit...
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    Overland Expo Mountain West thoughts

    We were unable to attend the show this year, but watched about 15 YouTube videos from the event. One thing we noticed was that it seemed like there were more YouTube video creators and vendors at the event than actual customers. It didn't seem that crowded. The people doing the videos all seemed...
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    Redtail Overland Carbon Fiber Rooftop Tent

    These really look nice, but the top of the line model is over $30,000. The founders are from EarthRoamer, so they are used to asking a lot of money for products.
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    Goodyear G275 MSA 335/80R20 Tires - Where to buy and how expensive?

    My biggest worry about getting something on the F550 chassis like a Turtle or some of the other expedition campers is trying to purchase the military spec tires used on them. What happens if you are in Wyoming or North Dakota and need tires? Doesn't seem like you can just go to the local...
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    Fuso to halt US sales? What does this do to EarthCruiser?

    Not good.
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    Dynamax Isata 5 28SS - Ram 5500 4x4 or Thor Outlaw 29s with 4x4

    Not sure where to put this, but it's on a Ram 5500 chassis and is available in 4x4. Not really an expedition camper, but a nice option for touring the US with a small Jeep as a dingy for exploring around. We are thinking about one of these. You can get a new one for around $170K. Not cheap, but...
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    Quigley 4x4 E series cutaway for 2021 with 7.3 gas

    I just received an email from Quigley saying they have the engineering completed for the 2021 E series cutaways that can be done for any B+ or C RV before or after the camper is completed. Maybe this doesn't belong in this topic, but I couldn't find a better location. Might be an option for...
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    GXV DIY Kits?

    Is this a new product from Global Expedition Vehicles? I don't remember seeing this at the AT website before.
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    EarthCruiser EXD350

    New concept vehicle. Looks interesting.
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    Electric FUSO

    Not much range yet, and don't see 4x4, but maybe in a few years.
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    Host Camper 4x4 Fuso with slide outs

    Just happened to find this. Looks like Earth Cruiser or ATW, but with slide outs instead of a pop top roof.
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    Pass climbing speed on FUSO based campers - EC or ATW

    Just wondered what kind of speed these campers can hold on a long uphill climb. Maybe 6% or so for a few miles on a hot day. My SMB E350 with V10 can pull the pass north from Bishop CA on a hot summer day without overheating if I keep it about 59 or 60mph. My SMB only weighs about 8,200 loaded...