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    Ursa Minor Topper (Jeep Rubicon)

    We finally bought this 2015 Rubicon and have no need for the Ursa Minor Topper would like to see it go to someone who can appreciate it. Will consider price reduction for Black JK Top in good shape. $8,500 . .
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    Cirrus 820 Review and Insight

    I have not seen much in the way of reviews and information on the Cirrus 820. We recently purchased a new 820 so thought I would share some feedback I wish I would have had during our research process! Some background....we finally decided to move into a full size, hard sided camper after over...
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    2003 Hallmark Guanella LX $10,000

    This is a fantastic set up for off the beaten path camping and this combo has been purpose built to make the most out of the set up. The truck has been sold and now selling the camper. This is our second Hallmark and they have been great we are selling as we are moving to a bigger rig (F350)...
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    Wanted****5th Wheel Trailer to Rent/Lease in the Santa Fe NM Area

    We are in need of a winterized 5th wheel set up in Santa Fe NM to rent for the winter. My wifes parents are ageing and do not want to leave there home north of Santa Fe. We will be traveling down from Colorado for about a week a month over the winter and would like to have our own space. We...