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    Salsa Mukluk 2, great condition, Wolftooth 1x10 upgrade

    2014 Salsa Mukluk 2 for sale, great condition, barely a nick on the frame. Asking $1000, + $60 shipping to the lower 48. Located in Red Lion, PA. Sale includes all parts EXCEPT seat, pedals, cables (you will want to redo cables anyway). Reason for sale? Picked up a Beargrease frame and am...
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    Question for Christophe re: Lauf

    Hey Christophe, you posted a while back about doing an extended review of the Lauf Carbonara. Any progress? Kevin Breitenbach from did one in June (, but I honestly value your opinion more. Let us know when...
  3. J

    HEMA Maps

    Hey all, just saw the post about the release of the HEMA NA maps. Looks like this might be a good way to find some out-of-the-way fire roads and gravelly bits to search out and ride. Christophe (or anyone) - what do you think? :)
  4. J

    Fork mount for fatbike on Thule roof rack

    Hi all, I just picked up a used Muk 2 and am wondering what fork mount adapter might be best to use to attach it to my Thule fork mount roof rack. It's a 2014 model with skewer mounts, not TA's. I have seen the adapters from Fork Up but have read several negative reviews on fitment and build...