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    DIY KITCHEN MODULE.. from Aluminum Extrusions "8020"

    Where did you get the topographical overlay? Awesome setup btw
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    Electric charging station in large drawer. Retractable cable?

    Luckily I have a half inch underneath because I'm using polyethylene for drawer slides. Thanks for the response!
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    Electric charging station in large drawer. Retractable cable?

    I'm trying to run a retractable cable to my 60" drawer in my sleeping platform/drawer system. I just need a few small things like 12v sockets and some small led lights for the my pullout kitchen drawer. I bought a drag chain but I'm looking for a more elegant solution.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    2018 Tundra SR5 Forestry Truck My new 2018 SR5 double cab with the bench seats and the 5.7. So far a used set of 275/65r18 Duratracs and matching spare, CB radio and phone/gps mounts by hondo garage
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    Blue sea usb socket faulty or is it just me?

    So the one I have is functioning fine it just doesn't work with my android phone during "fast charge" mode. Not enough amps. So I ordered the blue sea fast charge usb outlet that outputs 4.8 amps. That should do the trick! Thank you all for your help.
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    Blue sea usb socket faulty or is it just me?

    The worst part is it says "OUTPUT DC 5V 2.1A" right on it.
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    Blue sea usb socket faulty or is it just me?

    I just read some reviews on Amazon and other people with android phones and their blue sea usb outlets are having the same issue. They say that you can open it up and short some wires to trick it in to full power mode but I think that's just lame! I was expecting a lot more from blue sea... I...
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    Blue sea usb socket faulty or is it just me?

    My problem is my phone isn't charging off my blue sea usb outlet purchased from Amazon. My phone charges fine in the cab of my truck with the usb cable I'm using. This weekend I ran a 10ga wire and fuse to the bed of my truck to a blue sea fuse panel. A 10ga wire is grounded to a stock location...
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    Egads, not another drawers thread!

    I also used kilz primer on my first drawer system and used about 10 cans of bed liner spray paint. I found that if I had a scratch or a worn spot in the bed liner the white primer would show through. On my second drawer system I used some black spray paint like a primer and rolled the rest with...
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    Fuse/circuit breaker questions for dual battery system.

    Thanks for all the help guys. I rarely need to jump start my truck but I work in remote areas and have to be self reliant. I basically overland for my job as a Timber Cruiser. I put on about 30,000 miles a year. It's these nit picky details that keep me up at night. I'll post up when it's all...
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    Fuse/circuit breaker questions for dual battery system.

    Maybe I should go with a slightly higher amp fuse and keep the breakers the same since I can just reset them. I was also thinking of installing a high amp switch to bypass the solenoid all together. The only reason I'm using a fuse is the limited space under the hood.
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    Fuse/circuit breaker questions for dual battery system.

    I'm in the final stages of design and parts accumulation for my dual battery setup. My isolator/solenoid is a cole hersee 200a smart solenoid. I bought a 200a circuit breaker for the aux side and a 200a fuse for the starting battery side. My questions is if I attempt to link the batteries to...
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    Buying or hiring someone to make a drawer system

    What took me the longest was sanding painting and finish work. My setup is fairly simple and it took me 4 days. I had the lumber store do all the big cuts that had to be square. It cost me about $700 and I didn't buy drawer slides I used hdpe. At the end of the day if I paid myself for labor it...
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    Securing storage drawers?
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    Securing storage drawers?

    I installed l-tracks in the bed of my truck and secured it with some hardware. My link explains how.
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    A New Approach to Drawer Slides
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    A New Approach to Drawer Slides

    I used 4" strip of hdpe on the bottom of my 4' drawer and a Southco latch. There is enough friction it keep it from sliding out on a slope. I work in the woods and it has been bouncing around for the last 6 months or so with zero issues.
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    Fwends, Womans, Countwymen, wend me your ears - and your Scepter MFC

    I looked at the bottom of mine. It looks exactly like that. LCI brand from amazon.
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    Solar powered toolbox boombox/charging station/inverter

    RUN THE JEWELS! Great work my friend!