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    Discussion on the 2021 Isuzu/Chevy 6.6L Gas Cabover Platform

    With Fuso exiting the North American market and Hino recently announcing that production and sales in North American have been halted, it looks like the Isuzu/Chevy cabover platform is the only game in town. This is the direction EarthCruiser will be going with the EXP and FX. There are some...
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    Hino Motors will halt its plants and postpone new-model sales in the U.S. and Canada

    Although the Hino platform is not popular in the the U.S. for expedition builds, it was one of the few cabover options available. Problems certifying its diesel engine have led to the ending of U.S. and Canadian sales until September 2021. It will be interesting to see if they ultimately...
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    MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK to withdraw from US market

    Press release from May 27th. Bummer. Logan Township, NJ, USA As a result of a re-evaluation by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) of its business situation in the United States and Canada and its consequent decision to shift to a service-focused operation in these markets...