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    innamincka South Australia

    I thought I would share a few photos of our latest trip.2500kms round trip up through the Flinders ranges to innamincka
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    second build

    howdy guys, have decided to build another camper.this will have a double bed, water tank, kitchen and will have composite aluminium panels for internal and external cladding.the door will be in the rear and lift upwards to allow planning on having a canvas zip up wall with fly screen...
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    our latest trip

    howdy guys, have just got back from a 3 week/7000 km trip to Margaret river in Western thought id share a few pics.cheers scruff
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    south australian build

    howdy guys,have been lurking for awhile and i thought it was about time i posted a few pics of my build.have travelled over 12000kms so far with no issues but i cant help but modify things when we return home.its fitted with electric brakes with trailer mounted controller,60l water tank with...