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    Electric charging station in large drawer. Retractable cable?

    I'm trying to run a retractable cable to my 60" drawer in my sleeping platform/drawer system. I just need a few small things like 12v sockets and some small led lights for the my pullout kitchen drawer. I bought a drag chain but I'm looking for a more elegant solution.
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    Blue sea usb socket faulty or is it just me?

    My problem is my phone isn't charging off my blue sea usb outlet purchased from Amazon. My phone charges fine in the cab of my truck with the usb cable I'm using. This weekend I ran a 10ga wire and fuse to the bed of my truck to a blue sea fuse panel. A 10ga wire is grounded to a stock location...
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    Fuse/circuit breaker questions for dual battery system.

    I'm in the final stages of design and parts accumulation for my dual battery setup. My isolator/solenoid is a cole hersee 200a smart solenoid. I bought a 200a circuit breaker for the aux side and a 200a fuse for the starting battery side. My questions is if I attempt to link the batteries to...
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    Ranger FX4 level2 single drawer sleeping platform

    I made some good progress this weekend. I used 3" strips of hdpe for the slides. More pics and info when i finish this weekend.
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    Link For-----------------------12 VOLT HEATING---------------------------------------

    Check It. I like the electric blanket with the rechargeable power pack.
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    Link For--------Airline Track Rails-----------And other cool stuff

    Great link.