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    New Bronco

    GVWR. No, I'm not kidding. There was a long thread about this over at bronco6g forums a few weeks ago. Certain accessory combos push the vehicle too close to the GVWR and Ford seems to be playing it very safe with the numbers. The Sasquatch package apparently adds a lot of weight and has the...
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    Shop Overland Frontier build

    I like how your front bumpers are more compact and don't make the Frontier have the Bubba Blue lip like a lot of others. "...lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp..." Any story on the roof rack seen in your gas station pic? Does it have the same double slotted crossbars as the XTerra...
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    Tortuga Offroad - any reviews?

    Can you share the overall weight of each model? I don't see that on the website or ebay listings. Thanks
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    Double barrel shotgun

    I would take a look at the CZ Bobwhite (double-triggers, English stock) and the CZ Sharp-tail (single trigger, pistol grip stock) if looking for a good quality but affordable side-by-side. You're not going to impress anyone who sips Earl Grey while wearing a full tweed hunting outfit, but I...
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    Can the iPad really be used as an out-of-signal range, off-road GPS device?

    Is it possible to simply pair the iPad with an iPhone and use the phone's GPS, or is it a requirement to get a GPS/Cellular enabled iPad? (I want an iPad for other reasons, not just for mapping -- I understand some people like Android devices, I don't [have had plenty], so suggesting one is...
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    2019 Frontier pro - 4x tires question .

    Absolutely. As mentioned earlier, that is the stock size for the Pro-4X. I have a set on my 2014 Pro-4X.
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    We still have a teenager, a pre-teen, and a toddler (w/ rear facing car seat) at home (all girls), and they all fit without issue in the backseat. Granted, the teenager and pre-teen are petite like their mother. If anything, we need more power outlets for charging all the d@mn electronic devices...
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    Kootenay's Pro4X Frontier

    I had no idea they were making these available for sale, and I just bought a set of their Frontier leaf springs and a u-bolt flip kit. With Glamisdude (unfortunately) MIA, this is good news for the Titan Swap community. Just wanted to say Thank You for making me aware of this.
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    Frontier PRO-4X ""Overland"" Build = 7000 km trip

    Nice set up. I like your tailgate modification, have been thinking of doing something like that as well. Enjoy your trip!
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    New to me Xterra...

    Congrats on the new ride, it looks to be in excellent condition.
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    WaterPORT Shower System Review

    Picked up one of these in the recent Costco sale, should be here tomorrow. For mounting options on a flat rack, I noticed that Rago Fabrication recently released a roof rack mount: It's rather expensive at $74.95 but appears to...
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    2011 Frontier SV 4x4

    Nice truck. Can you share your lift numbers for front and rear?
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    New 2014 Xterra Owner- Icedragonmx's trip reports

    Great pics for sure. Some of those hillside shots with what looks like loose gravel were bordering on Code Brown.
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    06' Frontier CC Family adventure build

    I have a 2012 Pro-4x and you're correct that 265/75-16 is the default tire size. I bought my truck used and it came with a new-ish set of Cooper Discoverer ATPs. Very good on-road, decent off-road. I found them to be very loud, though, especially when they started getting worn. I replaced them...
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    06' Frontier CC Family adventure build

    Welcome and congrats on your 'new' truck. Sounds like you already have a solid idea of what direction to take it in. Here's a few random tips that might be of use: In case you don't know, the 2005-2010 model Frontiers (and XTerras?) had an issue that could result in transmission/radiator cross...
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    Shrockworks Frontier Front Bumper

    I think you'll be okay with mounting as Shrockworks lists all the 2nd Gen Frontier parts as being for 2005-current year models. The frame mounting points should be the same, I'm almost certain that hasn't changed. If you have the two-piece front end, I believe you can simply remove the lower...
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    A Return to the Mayan Jungle in a Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 SWB (Shorty) TD42

    "Have fun stormin' da castle!" Looking forward to following this one. Safe journey.
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    19k miles with OME/ Dakar suspension for 2015 Frontier

    Thanks for the info. I have a 2012 Pro4X and have been looking at this package a lot. For my needs, I think it would be a good fit, and it's also a lot more affordable than the adjustable coilover packages available (nothing wrong with those, but given they add little to no extra wheel travel, I...
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    Vegas -> Zion -> Monument Valley -> Silverton -> Telluride -> Flagstaff -> Vegas

    Thanks for sharing; great photos. Two summers ago I did a solo motorcycle trip (sport tourer, not an adventure bike) through many of these areas (plus northern New Mexico), and while it was amazing in its own way, I repeatedly kept thinking, "I must come back here and go off-roading...." I have...
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    "The Moose" 2012 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X Build Thread and some stories MNCarl

    Excellent write up and pictures. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together and share it.