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    UPDATE SOLD: Ford Excursion Overland $20,500

    It's also listed in the by ExPo member section for $23,500. How about some under carriage/chassis photos?
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    F/S: AEV SALTA HD- ONYX COLOR (RAM 2500/3500) AND TOYO M/T 37x12.5x17- SOLD!

    Thank God! I was just talking about them with some friends tonight over a few beers and I said if these friggin wheels don't sell soon I'll have to buy them just because. Glad you sold them Gregg!
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    Let’s see some POWER WAGONS!

    Since your truck is brand new you can swap your stock brake pads out ASAP to a set of PowerStop Z36 pads. Your stock rotors will be just fine and the improvement in stopping power is very noticeable.
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    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman | AEV Prospector | FWC Grandby

    Do those flares actually screw into the side if the truck?
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    Need some advice for Ram 3500

    I had a 2010 Ram 2500 that I ran a Carli track bar and springs. I had to replace my heim joint as well, I think it got sloppy but I can't remember 100%. On my 2015 Power Wagon I'm running a Thuren track bar, front springs and 2.0 Fox shocks.. I've had this setup on the truck for a year with no...
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    Pm inbound.
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    Keep 2010 Ram 2500 or buy Jeep Gladiator?

    Welcome, Your Ram looks to be in great shape. By the palm trees in the photo I assume you live where winter corrosion is not an issue. The biggest drawback I see with your truck is the possibility of some costly repairs in your future because you’re out of warranty and a Cummins isn't cheap...
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    2006 C4500 Kodiak, 4x4, stake/dump bed w/plow, Gas, allison, 57k, (eBay) $25k, MA

    Awful lot of scaling rust on the frame with a nice topcoat of fresh black paint.
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    Front Locker Options for 2016 RAM 2500?

    How about a front locker from a power wagon! You'll just have to wire it up yourself.
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    What will happen sooner... a Ford Gas vs Diesel dilema

    The limited fuel capacity isn't that big of a deal vs. the ass aches a 6.7 diesel can bring to the table if it decides not to play nice. As stated, look into mounting some NATO fuel cans on the flat bed or a swing out bumper arrangement. Some pop up campers even offer a Rotopax option to be...
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    SOLD - 2020 Ram 5500 Reg Cab Flatbed 4x4 Diesel

    If it was a crew cab I'd be making some personally bad financial decisions. GLWS.....
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    2020 Power Wagon JUXI Build and Trip Thread

    Your picture does look good. Maybe they changed something during the manufacturing / assembly process. My 2010 Ram 2500 and my 2015 PW were both nasty when I did an early fluid dump. The locker magnet and fill plug magnet both had a pretty good metallic sludge build up on them. I've pulled the...
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    2020 Power Wagon JUXI Build and Trip Thread

    Nice upgrade. If you're still running stock fluid I'd dump it ASAP. My fluid was nasty when I dumped it at around 1,000 miles. Those differential gears wear in during the first 500-1000 miles and cause the most fluid contamination you'll see during the life of the vehicle. Dump that stuff and...
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    HeliNomad RAM PowerWagon Build

    One thing you guys could try doing to keep the spare away from the panhard bar is to first deflate the tire so it has some squish. Then take a small ratchet strap and feed it through the rim and around the reciever hitch. Then tighten it down so it smooshes the deflated tire against the hitch...
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    Question about Ram HD

    2014 and later Ram 6.4 also got a 6-speed automatic vs. the 5 speed behind the earlier 5.7 HD's. I think the 2012 and later 5.7 did get a 6-speed auto. I had a 2010 Ram 2500 Laramie and now a 2015 Power Wagon. Interior is nicer with 2015 (mostly the optional 8.4 radio and 7" color dash) but the...
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    Questions About Shocks/Springs Ram 2500

    I wonder why the diesel rides harder? The shocks maybe? I'm not trusting the information from a generic parts website as gospel. The only way to do it would have somebody with a Crew Cab diesel Laramie, Limted, or Longhorn confirm what spring part numbers they have for comparison (and that may...
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    Questions About Shocks/Springs Ram 2500

    That can't be accurate. A PW ride's much smoother then a diesel 2500. A PW with diesel springs would ride harder than the diesel actually would due to the reduced engine weight.
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    Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent

    I suppose they added a little more comfort and seemed to help with condensation so money well spent.
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    2019 Honda CRF 450L: Learning to Fly

    Did you ever get the Vortex Shade? I've been riding my 450L about once a week right now. Just got back from a ride this afternoon. I'm having carpal tunnel surgery next month on both hands so my riding days are numbered for this year. Hopefully the surgery will eliminate the numbness I get in...