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    2 spare tires?

    Martin,I loved the 150 however it had alot of miles on it and I could not pass up a great deal on a 2020 black (of course) STX club cab. When things calm down next year I hope it will take me to Alaska and up to the Arctic circle....... yes.....with 2 spares... Firestone AT"s as I will be going...
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    What do you carry on your bumper?

    On my rear bumper.... nothing at all, well probably some dirt:giggle:
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    Rotopax / Fuelpax expansion in the sun

    I Have always used NATO cans, winter, spring, summer and fall...... nary a problem ever!
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    2 spare tires?

    Mmmmmm, I remember that trip, for it was my truck, help from good friend's at that time got me out of the fix, now when I go mostly alone it is with 2 spares and now I have 2020 Ranger and love it!
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    Gas - Plastic or metal

    I concur with jags..... Wavin cans are the best for all seasons,,,. been using them for years with the old style opening and spout.... no problems whatsoever.
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    Fuel on roof. Fore or aft?

    Wavian cans from 1 small one in the bed of my truck to 4 large on a cap mounted basket in there respective can holders..... and even on there sides straped down. Never have had any problem with leakage even in the heat of summer. I sleep in my cap and would know if there were any leaks only have...
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    Removable front winch mounting

    Who has one? please post photos and thoughts about this kind of set up, Thanx.
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    Rigid LED Light Connectors: Need Help Identifying

    My Rigid connectors are also deutesh..... they are 7 years in service on 2 trucks, I think they are the best ever!
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    prototype... you might want to hook your winch hook some place other than where I see it in one of your photos, your front skid looks likes it does its job however your synthetic winch line could be damaged the way it is hooked under the front end. there much better ways to store it and not...
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    Overlanding w Toys - Options That Won't Break the Bank

    Some the posts on the forum are... I mean AC unit for a RTT really? and this post about taking possibly one or two heavy bikes on a trip? this stuff is getting to be ridiculous....... I know, I know you are free to do what you want mostly but for me some of this is too much. I guess I am too old...
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    An Axe - Seriously?

    Some of you folks are just begging for your stuff to be stolen.... axe head made of leather? Not good in the rain, kydex much better, oh then there is rust....Cheers!
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    High milage on 2015 4x4 F 150

    Thanks for all the input... it"s all good so... I think that the best thing I can do is to "fill the tank change the oil and keep on driving" as was said Ha! my son say's " don't get rid of your truck, you and it are very much alike... many miles and a few scars and bumps, but just fine" Good...
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    High milage on 2015 4x4 F 150

    I now have 109 k on my F 150, just wondering if I am good to go for many, many more miles, it has been serviced religiously since purchased new in 2015 and I have had no major problems with it, what say......anyone?
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    Gas can storage

    I have been carrying a 2.5 gal. nato can inside my topper for at least 5 years now no leaks whatsoever...... winter spring summer and fall ... no problem and yes I have spent many nights sleeping inside my topper and have never smelled any gas odors.....on me, clothing or bedding.
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    Coyote(s) with mange....what to do?

    Shoot them... period...... don't touch and bury them deep with lime on them.
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    Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear

    Only one word... Colombia... nuff said!
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    Ditch crossing

    This is why I have aluminum bridging ladders, they have always worked for me so far.... have not found a ditch too wide the ladders don't help when crossing, if I do... well a different solution has to be entertained then. That being said careful crossing at an angle can also work sometimes...