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  1. t4rFL

    Best 1st Gen Tundra's

    From what I gathered the 2000-2004 are the most reliable, but have the 4-spd and less power VS the 05-06 but don't like the idea of a non serviceable transmission. Right now the truck will be used as a daily and for towing and some offroad, future i may use it fro traveling and camping out of...
  2. t4rFL

    Enclosed CAI

    Anyone have problems with the enclosed style cold air intake? like when they go offroad, does the air filter get more dirtier like the open CAI, or the same as the factory air box? i am considering getting one for my truck, because it is a daily driver/tow rig and only go offroad occasionally.
  3. t4rFL

    2011 Ram Build

    Past couple of years i've been building my 4runner for overland travel. i have a 2011 Ram 1500 i use daily and towing. I've done a few mods to it and after taking it on a trip for 1600 miles i am now wanting to build this up too for overlanding. for the past year I've been planning a trip to...
  4. t4rFL

    tablet or laptop for my use?

    i am looking for something i can plug an external hardrive into and transfer pics/videos from an SD card while i'm traveling. i used to have a Dell laptop that I've been using for the past 10 years, but it has finally retired. i recently purchased an HP 2-in-1 that was on sale in hopes of...
  5. t4rFL

    Truck Cap Features

    considering getting a truck cap/topper for my Ram. They have so many options, what is important for traveling/camping in one? it would cost too much to get every option. anything you wish you had that you don't? i'm sure you can add things later on, like crossbars, etc..
  6. t4rFL

    Storage Platform for sale....good price?

    I found a custom storage/sleeping platform for my year rig and i always planned on having one built as a future mod, i have no wood skills, so i would pay to have one built, so is $300 a good deal?
  7. t4rFL

    t4rFL's Build

    Here is my 1st 4runner, it's a 2001 SR5 4x4 DSC_6281 by M.Akins, on Flickr DSC_6282 by M.Akins, on Flickr DSC_6283 by M.Akins, on Flickr 2015-04-02 14.03.11 by M.Akins, on Flickr i am coming over from a Jeep WJ that i owned for the past 5 years and was my first 4x4 i actually wheeled with...
  8. t4rFL

    Definity Dakota MT's or Maxxis Bighorn MT's?

    i need tires very soon and 4wheel parts has 10% off Maxxis for the next 2 days. which is the better tire for daily driver, but mostly mud and trails when offroad. i will be getting them in 265/75/16 and mounting them to 16x8 d-window wheels. anyone have experience with both? the Definity tires...
  9. t4rFL

    2001 WJ

    2001 WJ 4.0L with the np242 case and a dana 30/35 first time off-road, bone stock got some new headlights broke my 1st steering stabilizer cb installed added a brush guard with some custom d-rings, 2" budget boost and bigger A/T's new pads and rotors all around added some...