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  1. 1stDeuce

    Shaking at 70+ mph

    Checking wheels for mud buildup is a great first step. Driveline issues like u-joints and bent driveshafts at 70mh would be more of a buzz (very high frequency) than "jumping up and down", which is something happening at the ~4x slower tire tire rotational frequency. As you are running...
  2. 1stDeuce

    s10 tire carrier on dakota

    I have a swing away tire carrier on my TJ, along with having converted the swing gate to a tailgate. Though it looks pretty good, I'm generally annoyed by having to swing the tire out of the way to drop the gate, and as Henry points out above, running with the tailgate down becomes an issue...
  3. 1stDeuce

    1986 GMC S-15

    This is my favorite thread too... Never disappointed by your posts Andrew!!! I'm going to have to pick up an 8.8 in Canada... They want $500+ for them around here, which is stoopid because there are hundreds of them in all of the yards... Unfortunately, all the local yards have also gone...
  4. 1stDeuce

    100,000 miles

    Just saw these tires and found this thread. Three year old thread now, but good info! Thanks Jim for an honest review! I did see that Eldorado tires were supposed to be made by Cooper, but evidently these were labeled Taiwan... I don' t think Cooper makes any light truck tires outside the...
  5. 1stDeuce

    255/85R16 VS 285/75R16

    I have run 255's and 285's on my Jeep and my GMC. One set of 285's on each, and now two sets of 255's on each. I really like the 255's, and for my purposes, they work great. Definitely better in snow/slop/heavy rain, and a little better mileage. The Jeep gets 5 new tires every time I buy...
  6. 1stDeuce

    Evolution musings (long intro and a locker advise needed)

    FWIW, your 2012 should have traction control, and especially in low range, it should do a really good job of keeping you going if tires get light. A full on locker is better for all out rock crawling, yes, but if you learn to let the traction control do it's job, it's amazing where your Jeep...
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    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    Unfortunately no. All short box trucks have a 26 gallon tank, while long ones have a 36 gallon tank. [emoji853] Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
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    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    FWIW, I have a CCSB and an ECLB. The CCSB is noticeably more maneuverable than the ECLB. I am forever curbing the long box... This was a surprise to me when I first got it, as I thought the wheelbases were similar or the same, but they're not and it does make a difference. I run an 8.5'...
  9. 1stDeuce

    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    Yeah, too much grandpa plus a cal that pushed more smoke when the trans wouldn't downshift plus lots of sitting in the last couple of years because I bought a gas truck to use around town/the property... I'll deal with it when we're done building our house. :) I'll probably just buck up for...
  10. 1stDeuce

    Ryan's 07 Duramax LBZ build

    Nice build Ryan! I bought my LBZ with about 110k on it back in late 2009. I'm past 290k now and aside from sticking vanes in the turbo when it's cold, it runs like a champ. I fixed the trans cooler lines twice... First time I just put on new lines, but they lasted a year before leaking...
  11. 1stDeuce

    Shocks for Ram 2500 with camper?

    FWIW, Bilstein 5100's and Fox 2.0's are valved quite a bit differently... I have bilstein's on my truck and Jeep. They're great "performance handling" shocks, and good if you want to go faster than you should with stock suspension or a mild lift, they help with that goal. That said, the...
  12. 1stDeuce

    Frustrations... Express Van trailer wiring issues

    Yeah, I'll second popping the shroud off the fuse center and having a look a the studs. I'd bet there's a red wire taped back to the harness that needs to be dropped on the stud. The pickups come missing that fuse too, with a red "+ BATT" cover over it... At least you must have the fuse... :)
  13. 1stDeuce

    Battry help

    Too late for OP, but I used a SuperStart AGM, Group 31 in my camper for several years. I eventually killed it by leaving the heat on for a few months by accident. The fan would run all night, every night, till the battery was dead, but the solar wasn't enough to charge it completely during the...
  14. 1stDeuce

    Is my steering box bad?

    cbattles, You are correct that there is one adjustment that's pretty easy to make that can take some lash out of an older box with a lot of miles on it, but 1/4 turn is a LOT of adjustment for this bolt. Usually turning it just 1/16 or 1/8 turn is enough. If you go too much, you'll notice...
  15. 1stDeuce

    TJ bumper options

    That aluminum bumper is pretty... I had a heavy steel one like that on my TJ for a while, but I didn't see the point of the stubby for my use... I like my bumper wider, so if I rub something when turning sharply, it's the bumper, not the fenders... :) NEIA Nomad, the high clearance...
  16. 1stDeuce

    TJ bumper options

    This shot shows how much air flow the ARB blocks if you run lights, but I have to admit, it is a great looking bumper, and would be my second choice just behind my stock bumper setup!! The ARB does not compromise approach enough to talk about, and since departure is only affected by your rear...
  17. 1stDeuce

    TJ bumper options

    The ARB bumper is not as heavy as you might think... It's fairly light gauge steel compared to most aftermarket bumpers. I like that it protects the fenders better, and the front better in the case of an animal strike. I don't know where you are most of the time, but one of the downsides of...
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    I run one of our trucks without a sway bar. We used it around the property mostly, with the occasional drive to town for supplies or fuel. I also plow with it. The ride really is better without the bar, BUT the truck is a handful at speeds above 55 when loaded... It would be VERY easy to...
  19. 1stDeuce

    Is my steering box bad?

    I think you can only key the pitman in 1/4 or 1/3 increments. It's not uncommon for a new pitman arm to change the steering center by a bit. An alignment will fix it. Drive it first to see if it seems OK to you, and if it does, have them set toe, which is how you center the wheel. Good to...
  20. 1stDeuce

    Truck frame modifications

    Sweet truck!! The work you are talking about is not really a "frame modification" in the truck sense... All of those things are held to the frame by brackets and bolts. Holes are allowed to be drilled in frames when necessary, as long as certain guidelines are followed. Any good heavy duty...