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    SoCal Tear Drop Owners! Post up!

    Awesome....we had a great time out in and around Arizona for the new year!
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    First trip ever. Started out at a nice campground, figured things out and then headed to the desert for a few days. It was rad!
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    Solar generator

    This one looks good, mate! ECO Flo
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    Cepek Trail Country Tires?

    I have these in 305/70/16. Great tires on and off road. Airing down to 16psi no problem. Treadlife is fantastic. Smooth highway ride, minimal noise. Looks great black side out. Also been great in snow/ice/cold. I just bought a matching set for my expo trailer and I will buy a new set for...
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    WK2 backseat delete - looking for platform ideas

    I just did the same thing in my FJ. Don't need the back seats and I needed to fit my large Gunner Kennel. I used high quality oak ply, cut into a single piece to fit the exact measurements of my cargo area. The platform secures to the chassis at 6 different points, making for a solid...
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    New 99" CVT Awning w/Mesh Room

    Hi! Does this have brackets or can you tell me how I can add this to my Oem FJ Cruiser roof rack?