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  1. surf.runner

    Modified 1998 Land Rover Discovery LE - Los Angeles

    Gorgeous. Dig the Elevation Church sticker as well.
  2. surf.runner

    SOLD: New in Packaging RCI Skid Plate Powdercoated Steel $250 (Los Angeles)

    Hey, friends! I never got around to installing this 3/16” black powder coated steel transfer case skid plate from RCI. Fitment for 5th Gen 4Runner...bolt on. Currently, it’s $334 to ship to Los Angeles from RCI...and that’s after a current 3-6 week lead time. So, save yourself some time and...
  3. surf.runner

    SOLD: 5 NEW DEALER TAKEOFF JL Rubicon 17" Wheels (Los Angeles) | $600

    Hey, ExPo friends! Title says it all. These were dealer takeoffs and were never driven off the lot. These retail for $299 each. Asking $700. Pristine Condition and ready to go.
  4. surf.runner

    SOLD: 1 NEW DEALER TAKEOFF Falken Wildpeak MT 33" (285/70R17) Spare Tire $150 (Los Angeles)

    Hey, friends! Title says it all. These have ZERO miles on them as they were dealer takeoffs. $200 (New are $240 before tax)
  5. surf.runner

    Easy-slide drop-down fridge slide

    From one Land Rover to another!
  6. surf.runner

    SOLD: Eezi-Awn XCLUSIVE 1600 (Includes Annex) Los Angeles

    Hey, ExPo friends... Going a different direction with my setup as I jump into an LR4 and don't want an RTT over my 3 moonroofs. These tents need no introduction on this site, but if you want all the specs, here's what Paul at Equipt posted on their site: XKLUSIV Features Elevated Roof Line...
  7. surf.runner

    SOLD: 2017 Super White TRD ORP w/ KDSS and over $5k in Upgrades ($39k) Los Angeles, CA

    Another pic for the bump. Have two serious buyers taking a look at it this week but always keeping it out there until sale is final.
  8. surf.runner

    SOLD: 2017 Super White TRD ORP w/ KDSS and over $5k in Upgrades ($39k) Los Angeles, CA

    Hey friends! Up for sale is my beloved SRF4RNR that some of you have asked me about over the years through my Instagram feed @ surf.runner. As far as I'm aware of, this is currently the only Super White TRD Off-Road Premium w/ KDSS for sale in California (I've located another in Utah and Texas...
  9. surf.runner

    WTB: Campaign Furniture/American Camp Chair(s)

    Wow, Justin...thanks for offering it on loan for the trip. You’ve been so generous with that chair since the very beginning and it traveled all over. I’ll DM you...and I think you’ll appreciate the spot we’re headed to! Hope you and the boys are well. Cheers, :) Drew
  10. surf.runner

    WTB: Campaign Furniture/American Camp Chair(s)

    Three years later and still on the hunt for a Campaign Furniture Co. chair. Turning 40 soon and would love to purchase one for a big trip I have planned and beyond. I’m highly motivated and will seriously entertain higher than you paid for them prices. Cheers friends!
  11. surf.runner

    For Sale: Snow Peak IGT tables and accessories

    - Now that’s what I like to hear as a fellow Snow Peak addict!
  12. surf.runner

    Snow Peak Addiction

    Interesting...just heard back from Snow Peak and they’re like, “yep, its supposed to look like that. It’s from the flames being too hot. Just need to season it.” I’ve used cast iron for years and am familiar with seasoning...but this looks like the coating has literally come off. And I used 6...
  13. surf.runner

    Snow Peak Addiction

    I went all in on the butter and still it did that. Reached out to Snow Peak on Sunday to ask for a recommended way to clean and shared these response yet but I know things are extra crazy with Covid and going into this holiday weekend.