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  1. 80t0ylc

    Thule Tepui Foothill RTT

    Interesting idea for those with previous roofrack reservations and interested in a RTT also. Could carry a bike or kayak along with tent for getting to camping spots that towing a trailer would be prohibitive.
  2. 80t0ylc

    2017 CVT RTT utility trailer; $4500 OBO - SOLD

    Location: Canyon City, OR 97820 (near John Day) This trailer was built to tackle the Rubicon. It's not an old pickup bed converted to haul camping gear and slap a RTT on it. It's stout - for example - the axle is not the typical 3500 lb HD for ruggedness. It's the 5000-6500 lb - I know , I...
  3. 80t0ylc

    Eureka Ignite propane stove

    Is any one using one of these. I read up on propane stoves, because I wanted to replace my old Coleman 2 burner 413E that's served me well, but aging. I've been experiencing a lack of control of the flame intensity and heat control, which I'm sure can be at least part way cured with a rebuild...
  4. 80t0ylc

    2018 Three Feathers Mfg. 'Trail Head'

    Recently, I was able to land a teardrop style trailer. It was listed in the classified section here on ExPo. When I first noticed it, was in process of being sold, but I checked back and the buyer backed out. So I jumped on it and worked out a deal with the original owner. I currently own a CVT...
  5. 80t0ylc

    2017 CVT RTT trailer build

    Last month (April 2019) I found this trailer on CL in Bend, OR. Decided not to wait up to a year to have a hard side / teardrop style trailer built as I had originally intended and purchased it. The Land Cruiser was just getting too full and impossibly inconvenient for trips. The object is...
  6. 80t0ylc

    Why pay for top quality for an awning?

    If you're considering a 270 degree and are on the fence about going with the cheaper knock offs vs Alu Cab, take a look at this short video: You decide.