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    Alu-Cab THOR Conversion for the 76, need one for JL

    Looks like Alu-Cab just released their conversion for the 76 series. This seems like an ideal setup for a JL. Even though there is the Ursa minor, the design of the AC-Thor fits my preference for interior living space and sleeping layout....especially for two people. Love the fact that the whole...
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    Using a GFC, Super Pacific, Camp King....etc

    I have seen lots of videos of people showing off their camper shells. Images and video of popping them open, closing them....etc. However, I have never seen a video of what it is like to actually use them for well....sleep and general living space. I want to see what it is like to call it a...
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    SDi’s Auto-Adjusting Overland Suspension Test I am very interested in this technology. Let's discuss the concept and any experiences with SDi’s Auto-Adjusting Overland Suspension.
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    Webasto Dual Top Evo 6: Both water and air

    Is anyone running the Dual EVO 6? I like that it is both a Water Heater and Air Heater. The Webasto Dual Top Evo 6 uses just one fuel source for total comfort. It both heats up the cabin and provides hot domestic water. The entire unit fits under the vehicle chassis, saving precious space...
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    Toyo ATIII in 35x11.5R17

    Anyone running this tires. Seems like a nice low weight 35 at 62lbs and it's load rate C.
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    Kermit Chairs and Legs - SOLD

    For sale: Chair = Legs = Kermit Chairs and Legs Qty = 2 Color = Black Wood = Standard Oak Width = Original width New cost Chair = $189 New cost Legs = $40 Kermit charges $30...
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    Camp King Outback Series Canopy Camper

    Anyone have more information regarding the Camp King Canopy Camper? Really want to know the overall weight and RTT sections dimensions. I really like the design from the pics I've been able to find. I'm sure Sloop will have some and a Gladiator specific version is in the works. UPDATE...
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    Eddie Bauer Travex Jacket

    Selling an LL Bean Jacket Size Medium. Nice relaxed fit on a 42" chest Price $30 shipped.
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    Mountain Khakis 3 pairs for sale

    Selling some Mountain Khakis. The pants are around 32 or 33" waist. Pants = $45 for all 3 As a set The Dark Tan are 33s, the other two are 32s.
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    AEV Winch Hook Isolator —SOLD

    Selling a new in packaging AEV Winch Hook Isolator $25 total shipped continental US.
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    Hi-Lift accessory set -SOLD

    Selling this little set of accessories Hi-lift Neoprene cover Hi-lift Lift mate Tire Strap Tube bar lifting mount Selling as a set $50 shipped to continental US.
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    RLD Shower Cube

    RLD announced they are coming out with a Shower Curtain on instagram. Anyone have more information about this new offering?
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    Goodyear MTR Kevlar current opinions

    Ok, I've been running BFG KM/KOs for a long time. However, before that I always ran the GY MT then MTR, but never the GY MTR Kevlar. I just noticed Goodyear has a new size that is basically 34x10.5R17 rated D, actually stated as 34.6x10.8R17. LT275/80R17 I wanted to see what everyones...
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    Ursa Minor Camper Shell for JT Gladiator

    If there is already a post covering the subject, I'll delete this one. I saw an instagram post by Ursa mentioning something like the JL's Ursa Minor top for the JT bed was next on their list of new products. Has the group heard any rumors, or know more about this?
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    FrontRunner Prep Table Install: TBRA001

    The TBRA001 is the smallest of the old style table sold by FrontRunner. Product Dimensions: L 1150mm (45.3") x W 550mm (21.7") x 28mm (1.1") Height when opened:670mm (26.4") Weighs approx. 9kg (18lb) Product in this post: Frontrunner TBRA001 Prep Table (getting very hard to find. Had to...
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    Snowpeak Home & Camp Burner

    Snow peak has come out with a new to me camp stove. The Home & Camp burner seems to pack small and set up quickly. I have one on order and will test it out. Hopefully it has nice simmer control and high full blast heat. Price = $109...
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    Diesel Gladiator with a Manual!!! Is it coming 2020?

    I just finished listening to Matt Scott and Scott Brady talk about how the Gladiator is the perfect Overland Platform. What caught my attention was during the last 50 seconds. Matt mentions that in 2020 this platform would be available with a manual and diesel. Maybe my hopes are high and he...
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    Bush Company Awning

    Anyone have experience with this awning from Bush Company? They make the Alpha RTT.
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    Heated Blankets

    Are there any backcountry worthy heated blankets. Looking for low amp draw. Auto shutoff based on time. Rumpl had one, but it seems to no longer be available. Sierra Madre has the Hot Pocket, but it's not that big. I'm looking for something similar in size to the single person rumble...
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    JT Gladiator and Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Do we have any knowledge or rumors on the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper for the Jeep JT Gladitor?