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  1. Dave Kay

    SoCal driveline shops

    Hi all, have a K30 w/bent rear drive shaft that needs to be re-tubed, balanced and u-joints installed. Anyone know of a driveline shop who does an honest job for decent cost? Or better yet, the location of a used K30 D/S I could just buy? Wreaking yards are slim pickings so far because the...
  2. Dave Kay

    What happened to my coolant?

    Can anyone explain this; Installed a bigger, re-cored radiator in Jan '09, all new hoses, flushed the system, filled w/50-50 Dexcool and distilled water. First time using this stuff but for some reason I was told it's better than the green stuff even for older rigs. (GMC 1986) The truck hasn't...