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  1. goin camping

    Chevy Express 1500 radiator/cooling help sought

    Vehicle is a 2003 Chevy AWD 1500 Express van 5.3 engine. Problem is when towing my 4,400 pound trailer up long grades the needle moves into the red. What can be done to improve the engine cooling on this van? Guys, I appreciate the suggestions so far but we live, camp and explore in there...
  2. goin camping

    Let's talk frying pans

    Need a frying pan. Been using cast iron for years but open to new ideas. Prefer a pan that is no stick but not teflon. I'm ham fisted and use metal utensils. Edited to add... Easy clean up would be a godsend too. Let fly with what works for you.
  3. goin camping

    Things just got good around here

    WARNING Long boring story ahead. Personally I wouldn't waste the time. Yesterday I picked up my van from Area 63 Productions who turned my Express Van into a camper. Due to another issue that caused serious bone weakness. I broke my spine in six places picking up my dog. Sadly the other...
  4. goin camping

    Express van spare tire carrier options

    Any experience or thoughts on where to mount a spare tire on a Express 1500? Trying to avoid using the factory underside carrier.
  5. goin camping

    Spotted this while out camping

    Had a great runaway trip with a Buddy last week. First we went to Rainbow Canyon in Death Valley and watched some jets fly by below us and then it was off to the Panamint Valley for an overnighter. Spotted this guy while heading home. Almost ran him over. See the KM2 tread pattern in the dirt...
  6. goin camping

    Express van spare tire ratchet problem

    I lowered my spare and when it got 6 inches from the ground it stopped. I could keep turning the crank and it made all the right noises but it went no lower. I tried to raise it and after it went up 5-6 it stopped raising. Still making clicking noises but no further up movement. Still have 5...
  7. goin camping

    Rubber floor for Express Van

    Does anyone know where to find a giant rubber floor mat for the drivers compartment of a 2003 Express 1500?
  8. goin camping

    I got van lucky

    Just got back to SoCal from AZ. Went there to pick up a 2003 Express 1500 AWD with the G80 limited slip and 3.73 axle gears. This cargo converted to a luxury coach by Centurion only has 64897 miles on it and was owned by a fanatic. So clean in and out it is scary. Except for a parking lot ding...
  9. goin camping

    It ain't easy but it sure is fun

    Finally recovered enough to go out on an overnighter with a buddy and it sure was fun being back in the Mojave Desert again. Did wonders for my attitude too.
  10. goin camping

    Question on Quigley van

    Looking at a 2006 E350 4X4 5.4 V8. Overall the van is in good shape with 104K on the clock. Since I don't know much about vans... Is this a "good" set up and by that I mean is the 5.4 engine wonderfully reliable. Are the 4X4 conversions done during this time reliable? All information is...
  11. goin camping

    New to me 1998 Outback and some questions

    There I was minding my own business when all of a sudden... the phone rang. My Buddy Gene called and sadly told me that a client of his was selling the 1998 Outback he had been trying to buy for the last ten years. He couldn't get it because he had just bought a truck. Was I interested? It's a...
  12. goin camping

    Tent needed for high winds, hot climate. Recommendations?

    We need a three season tent that we'll use in the Mojave desert. No winter camping. The perfect tent will withstand high winds. Have lots of openings for hot weather and be roomy enough for two adults a hundred pound dog. We'll be camping out of a jeep. I'd appreciate your suggestions and...
  13. goin camping

    JKU rims on wife's Overlander?

    Wife likes the Polar rims I took off my JKU. Any safety or other reason I should not put them on her 2014 Grand Cherokee eco diesel?
  14. goin camping

    Canvas for an M416?

    Anyone know where to get the canvas for for a M416 trailer?
  15. goin camping

    2014 JKU + M416 = wacky trailer lights

    Got 2014 Jeep jku and M 416 wired with a 7 pin female plug. Jeep has a flat four male plug. Got the adapter and hooked it up. Tail lights, blinkers and brake lights all work until... I turn on the head lights and then everything works until I hit the blinkers. Then both trailer lights flash...
  16. goin camping

    Trailer tongue extension question

    I see many extend the tongue on their military jeep trailers. Question I have is. For what purpose?
  17. goin camping

    Inherited a jeep

    And I have no idea what to do with it. I already have a 53 Dodge ambulance.
  18. goin camping

    JKU cargo area camper mods?

    Can anyone post a link or pics of the rear of a JKU that has been modded for travel and camping? I tried the search function but came up with very little. Thanks
  19. goin camping

    Question for jeep experts

    What year/model jeep was the last one where the front axle was engaged mechanically by a lever on floor. No vacuum lines, servos, motors or other tomfoolery. Just a solid mechanical engagement.
  20. goin camping

    BF Goodrich KM2 question for you South Western desert types

    Jeep needs new shoes and I'm liking the BF Goodrich KM2. Any of you western desert types like them or is there another tire that's better overall for our sandy, hardpack, deep sand and rocky deserts. If it matters I'm running 30x9.5 sized tires.