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  1. RIDGE

    Baja California (Norte), January 2016...just us and our amigo, "El Niño!"

    So there we were, in a little bit of a predicament again...alone, AGAIN!! I really need to get a winch! Anyway, I'll get back to that in a bit. Our trip really started on January 1st when we crossed the border into Mexicali. Have you ever seen ads against drunk driving, or what happens when...
  2. RIDGE

    Utah in the fall 2015 - 9 days, 475 off-road miles, and 14 hours of digging! (PICS!)

    Things didn't go as planned, but there wasn't much of a plan to start with. I wanted to follow xjblue's 2009 Utah Traverse trip report (, but starting at Big Water, UT. As our depart...
  3. RIDGE

    Going to Baja this Friday...planning help needed!

    I'm taking my girlfriend to Baja for a week, starting Friday. I want to go on the east side, south of San Felipe. We are looking for a quiet beach to camp on in our 4x4 van. I don't want to drive all the way to Cabo, but not afraid to go quite a ways down there. My questions are: Is it a bad...
  4. RIDGE

    Ford Quadravan rolling chassis - $750

    I had plans to convert my 1988 Ford E-250 Club Wagon to four wheel drive. I got this 1980 Quadravan chassis a couple years ago and it includes these conversion parts you will need: Steering Front Dana 44 (8 lug) Cross member modification Front driveshaft Radius arm extentions Transfer case and...
  5. RIDGE

    Hey guys!

    I'm a left leg amputee. What can I do to get involved? I would really like to be a part in changing peoples' lives for the better. I met some of you at SEMA (Lance, Brian McVickers, and J. Brandon). Well, here I am and here's what I do! I'm a professional rock racer/off-road racer. My...
  6. RIDGE

    Baja California, Mexico 11/07

    Well, my wife, Joey, and I were bummed I couldn't race this year's Baja 1000, so we helped one of the truck teams by transporting our friend, Camo, who was driving in the race on team PIRATE4X4.COM. Joey Camo and me We had to take Camo about 500 miles south of the border. Our plan was to...