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  1. LBPtaco

    2nd gen Tacoma tailgate CB/2M antenna mount.

    Just thought I'd pass this along to anyone who may be interested. I will hopefully pick mine up this week and will follow up with pictures once I get it bolted up. Bay Area Metal Fab
  2. LBPtaco

    Mesh globe replacement for camping lantern reviews?

    Do any of you guys run a mesh globe replacement for your propane camping lanterns? I have a lantern already and managed to break the glass globe leaving me lightless the last time i went camping. While I still had my head lamp, a fire, and a flashlight I've become very accustom to having a...
  3. LBPtaco

    Costa Rica and El Salvador recommendations?

    In 7 days I'm hopping on a ship and headed to Puntarenas, Costa Rica and La Union, El Salvador. Also Stopping in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I wont have too much time in any one port, this is a training cruise that I am doing for school. I was wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations...
  4. LBPtaco

    Camper Shell Tent?

    Has anyone had any experience with these tents? They appear to be the same tent, but they don't look too sturdy. But for the price, I guess thats some what expected. I've adapted my old truck bed tent to work...