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  1. Nomad1

    Middle of Nowhere

    Yes their is such a place and I found it!
  2. Nomad1

    The Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail - Need help in setting up this adventure

    Hello fellow adventurers I am looking for routes that run along the Cariboo trail that run in the general same direction since the hwy pretty much follows the original trail. I would like to do as much of the way on gravel and seek your help. Right now I have done an alternative from harrison...
  3. Nomad1

    Need some HF antenna advice what mobile HF antenna to get?

    Going to be setting up an HF rig but no idea on what are decent antennas for mobile that work!
  4. Nomad1

    Trip to the Top of the World

    Was a nice outing the last ten min to get to the top was a challenge a long wheel base vehicle would have trouble with the tight loose rocky turns their are no mistakes to be made or its a 1000 foot trip to the bottom of the ridge same with going back down no way could you back up on the steep...
  5. Nomad1

    Coalmont trip

    Had a nice trip to the coalmont coal mine area lots of backroads to check out we spent the day in the area and still did not come close to exploring all the logging roads will be going back for more...
  6. Nomad1

    Deadman Adventure

    Great trip wonderful scenery we tried to keep going and make it through the GPS said we could but all the roads that continued on would end at a a ranch or just peter out on us in the end we had to backtrack back out but that was just OK with us it was a magnificent drive and well worth seeing...
  7. Nomad1

    Snow chains or Cables

    So what do you prefer to use and why?
  8. Nomad1

    How much battery do I need to run Westfalia B3L heater in -20C

    I just lucked out and got one of them forced air furnaces out of a Westfalia But I want to know how much battery power/AH to run it during cold weather -20C I have one 100ah house battery now will that be enough? or will I need like 5 batteries to keep the thing running over night I also have...