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  1. WOODY2

    FS: FlipPac hood pin clip thingies...

    If they are not the picture should give one a good idea how to mock one up from cardboard and then bend it up out of some stainless material. what vehicle are you putting it on?
  2. WOODY2

    Convict lake cold weather lessons

    More of a tent, it's called a Shift Pod.
  3. WOODY2

    Flip-Pac Parts Suppliers List? Windows, Torsion Bars, etc.

    One possible work around would be weld a large nut to the face of the splined torsion bar then you could use a large breaker bar and socket to open the lid. I'd suggest not covering the actual splines incase you ever source a replacement. You won't need the hood pins to transport it back to your...
  4. WOODY2

    Short(er) Recovery Rope

    Get a piece of clothes line. :LOL:
  5. WOODY2

    Short(er) Recovery Rope

    Ok better to double a thirty then. I have no idea why he wants just a 10'. One may not be able to (or want to) get that close.
  6. WOODY2

    Short(er) Recovery Rope

    Double up a twenty. Abrasion sleeves are widely sold some with Velcro that can be removed if not needed.
  7. WOODY2

    NAPA awning $110.

    PM me I have a spare, located in San Diego
  8. WOODY2

    ARB Fridge for truck bed

    On the other hand MIL's are socially acceptable to be transported in this manner. :unsure:
  9. WOODY2

    2006 C5500 Kodiak 4x4, 12' Morgan body+boxes, RB auction Dec-15th

    That was the question the last owner had too as he went to check fluid levels.
  10. WOODY2

    Smartphone apps on new fridges

    I'm not a big fan of apps, that being said the ability to not have more clutter in the dash area in the form of remote readouts is appealing. These malfunctions were primarily from the old style ARB plugs that would vibrate out leading to all sorts of spoiled goods. As mentioned there are...
  11. WOODY2

    anyone remember Kodak....

    I'm so old I remember single use flash bulbs, I think?
  12. WOODY2

    Tired of spilling gas while filling generators. Transfer pump or???

    Replacement water spouts to the rescue as well.
  13. WOODY2

    Smartphone apps on new fridges

    I have 2 ARB's in different vehicles and their app has no difficulty in differentiating between the 2 as well as the multiple temp settings I choose.
  14. WOODY2

    Tired of spilling gas while filling generators. Transfer pump or???

    Simple solution to generator fill is to stop a little sooner, why complicate the simple task?
  15. WOODY2

    Removing rear seats to increase payload capacity?

    Remember we are talking "overlanding' here sooo...
  16. WOODY2

    Expedition trailers in bear country advice

    Had a friend that had his remote cabin repeatedly damaged by bears and he installed a solar unit, end of intrusions. Certainly not for all applications but works for some.
  17. WOODY2

    Expedition trailers in bear country advice

    I know it sounds goofy but has anyone investigated using a battery electric fence charger?
  18. WOODY2

    What's your favourite camp chef meal?

    God help your sleeping bag :rolleyes:
  19. WOODY2

    Watches.......the other type!

    See it's the inexpensive things in life that bring a smile to ones day.